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Temperature > T° Monitoring
Monitoring Solutions for Pharma and Healthcare.

As a pharmacist, you are required by law to monitor the temperature wherever you store or keep pharmaceuticals.
Replace the cumbersome min/max thermometers that require daily inspections with a much simpler solution to reduce your workload and hassle.     
Wireless monitoring for pharmacies with local audio visual alarming and monthly min/max reports – no installation and no daily inspections required, full GxP compliance guaranteed.
Your Advantages :

  • Simple installation without cables
  • Independent of internet and external power supply
  • Uninterrupted record of measuring values
  • Automatic and reliable min/max temperature list
  • 100 % compliance for pharmacies and clinical sites

LIBERO WB, base station
  • Logging of 70,000 values
  • Interval of 1 to 60 minutes
  • No special device driver required
  • Fully user configurable
  • Integrated USB readout cable

LIBERO WSI, sensor
  • Internal NTC
  • Measurement range: -10°C to +50°C
  • Logging of 1000 values
Characteristics  1

Product type: Datalogger
Logger/module type: PDF-Logger
Probe type: NTC-Probes, internal
Typical application area: Refrigerator, climate room, transportatin box, incubator
Measurement parameters: Temperature
Measurement range temperature: 0 °C..+50 °C
Measurement accuracy temperature:
  • ±0.4 °C [0.0 °C..+25.0 °C]
  • ±0.5 °C [-10.0 °C..-0.1 °C]  
  • ±0.8 °C [+25.1 °C..+50.0 °C]

Characteristics  2

Usage: Multiple Use
Alarm: 8 alarm levels
Connectivity: USB
Memory capacity: 70'000 measurement values per logger
Dimensions: 115 x 82.5 x 27 mm  / 195g  
Material: ABS plastic material
Protection class: IP 54
Certificates: Production calibration certificate, validation certificate

Libero W Easy Set UP

LIBERO W Easy Operation

LIBERO W Easy Reporting
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