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RK 2

Coatings & Industry > Mechanical properties > Friction Coefficient
Measurement of the coefficient of friction of films

Measuring instrument type RK 2

The device enables the determination of different sliding behavior of foil according to DIN 53 375, ASTM D 1894-71, WC-280-B.

A tyristor-controlled motor pulls a table (100 x 400 mm) at a preselected speed (from 100 to 2000 mm / min).
A corresponding foil strip is applied to this table.
A second pattern attached to the dynamometer is loaded with a 63 x 63 mm surface and a weight of 200 g.
The frictional resistance can be read off the dynamometer.

  •    Support weight with pull clamp
  •    Dynamometer with vertical suspension
         0 to 100 g
         0 to 200 g
         0 to 500 g

Connection: 230 V, 50 Hz

The device can also be equipped with a dynamometer with slave pointer.

A conversion to electronic measurement is easily possible.
Instead of a spring balance, the suitably equipped load cell is screwed on and connected to the measuring amplifier and display unit (230 V, 7 W).

Amplifier for load cells VS   (for measuring small and large forces with interface and peak memory)
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