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Test Specimens for Automotive Adhesives

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Test specimens for automotive adhesives

  • Aluminum 6016 (with a thickness of 1.25 mm)
  • Sheet steel grades DC06, DC04_HX420LAD+Z and DP600 Z140 on stock, further grades upon request
  • Galvanized standard quality DX54D+Z100, DX54D+ Z140,  DC04ZE50/50, DC04ZE75/75 (with a thickness of 0.8 mm); other grades upon  request
  • Higher-strength grades DP600+Z140 and HX420LAD+Z
  • Die-cast aluminum, magnesium and zinc in various alloys
  • Various steel or aluminum grades dimensioned for the impact test in accordance with ISO 11343

  • Laminated safety glass (LSG) and tempered safety glass (TSG)
  • Ceramically coated glass panes in windscreen and side window qualities Ferro 14251 and 14279

  • DIN A5-sheets or compression shear test specimens sized 100 x 25 x 3mm, made of pellets of your choice
  • Surface finishes: Structured, high-gloss, automotive graining as used by a wide range of car manufacturers
  • SMC cut to size with class-A finish

  • Metal sheets with painted finish in OEM quality as used by various car manufacturers
  • Cathodic-dip painted metal sheets in OEM quality, system BASF Kathoguard 500.
We have the right answer for every test

For all metals, we offer the pretreatment and cleaning processes used by the automotive industry and their suppliers.

In addition we offer paint systems that are applied to steel and used for repair purposes.

Upon request, we can customize the test specimens and label them with serial numbers.
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