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Liquified Gas - Milk - Water -Mineral Oil

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Hydrometers for Mineral Oil, Liquified Gas, Milk, Water

Hydrometers, Casagrande,
DIN 18 123, 0,995 upto 1,030 in 0,0005 g/cm³, 350mm long, reference temperature 20°C.
on request

Thermohydrometers for  mineral oil testing,
suitable for government testing, type 0,100g/cm³, measuring range 0,700 upto 1,200g/cm³, thermometer 0+35/40:1°C, reading below, reference temperature 15°C, 340mm long.
on request

Thermohydrometers for Mineral Oil Testing,
suitable for government testing, type 0,090g/cm³, thermometer -15+45:1°C, reading below, reference temperature 15°C.
Thermohydrometers for mineral oil testing, model designed for customs examinations, suitable for government testing, measuring range 0,645 upto 1,005, in 0,0005g/cm³ thermometer 0+60:0,5°C, reading below, reference temperature 15°C, 420mm long.
On request
All before mentioned mineral oil hydrometers can also be supplied government tested.

Hydrometers for Liquified Petroleum Gas,

common pattern, with thermometer 0+30:1°C, suitable for overpressure upto 14atü, reference temperature 15°C.
Hydrometers for liquified petroleum gas, DIN 12 804, measuring range from 0,500 upto 0,650, in 0,0005g/cm³, reference temperature 15°C, with thermometer 0+30:0,5°C, thermometer bulb with glass jacket protection, 405mm long.

Hydrometers       for Water,   
reference temperature 20°C,       according to Dr. Ammer and for sea water, with and without thermometer.
on request

Dairy Hydrometers (Lactodensimeters)     
reference temperature 15°C or 20°C, trade usual type.
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