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QC-652 B-C-D-E Melt Flow Index Tester

Molten mass flow rate is thermoplastic which under certain temperature and load.
Melting object each 10 minutes through standard hole mold mass is MFR and each 10 minutes through standard hold mold volume is MVR.
The value indicates thermoplastic viscous flow characteristic under melt condition.

Melt Flow Index Tester can test thermoplastic melt mass flow rate (MFR) and melt volume flow rate (MVR), also known  as Ml or  MFI.
The Flow  Indexer can perform ISO/ ASTM  standards test methods, equip with touch panel that guide user to precisely and smoothly proceed with test.
The melt flow tester aise has analysis function and flash drive save function.

Optional accessories can be selected according to different materials properties for melt flow testing, such as high flow material black mechanism or MVR volume test mechanism to proceed with various tests.

QC-652A is designed for MFR test.
Model                                QC-6528           QC-652C            QC-6520             QC-652E
Temperature                  50-300°C         50-400°C             50-300°C             50-400°C
Suitable Material        General              General                  Corrosion            Corrosion

                                                   Maximum allowable deviation from required test temperature
Test Temperature, T      At (10±1) mm above                   From (10± 1) mm to (70± 1) mm above
                                                    the top surface of                        the top surface of the standard die
                                                    the standard die
125<= T<250                                  ±0.2°C                                    ±2°C
250<=T<300                                   ±0.5° C                                   ±2.5°C
300<=T                                               ±1°C                                         ±3°C

Precise Temp.                     Three temperature points(180,250,300() and measurement points(10,30,50,70mm)
Counter accuracy              ±0.01s
Piston push rod weiqht 100g
Automatic cut                        lnterval time 1-300 seconds can be set
Heat Protection                    Standard thermal insulation shield
Heater size                               9.55 ±0.01 mm
Hale mold                                   2.095±0.005mm
Counter weiqht                       Stainless steel 1100 g, 2060 g, 3700g, 4900g, 9900 g, 12400g, 19900g, 21500g
                                                         (Optional) (rod weiqht 100 g)
Accessories                                 Cleaninq brush , measuring cups , tunnel and Die calibration plug gauge
Weight                                         40Kg (machine weight)
Dimension                                   47x38x48cm (47x38x60 with MVR part)

Optional Items                          l. Material black mechanism for hiqh Ml value.
                                                         2. MVR mechanism (for B method)
                                                         (the machine has built-in A and B method mode, the above items can be installed by user.)
                                                          3. Corrosion-resistant heated barrel is optional.

Power                                          220 V Single phase 50 Hz/60Hz, 7 A
  • ASTMD1238  
  • ASTMD3364,
  • ISO 1133
  • GB T3682
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