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GL SPECTIS 1.0 touch

Graphic & Printing Industry > Light measurement
Introducing world’s first smart spectrometer.… our highly portable and precise GL SPEC TIS 1.0 touch is a perfect solution.
For on site control, no need of a pc to manage the measurement

GL SPECTIS 1.0 touch

If you are looking for reliable, precise and intuitively operated spectral instrument for light assessment, our state-of-the-art light measuring tool GL SPEC TIS 1.0 touch is the best answer to all your spectral light measurement needs.
Now not only experts can obtain dependable light measurement data – our preconfigured, individually calibrated measurement instruments deliver fast and precise results, and the included software is intuitive and easy to navigate. If you need to measure:
–– Lux – illumination value
–– Lumen – the luminous flux
–– CRI – color rendering index according to CIE
–– CCT – correlated color temperature according to CIE standard
–– COLOR – color coordinates according to CIE 1931 and CIE 1964
–– mWatt – radiant power value
and much more…

Unique Features:

  • Completely portable device
  • Color LCD Touch screen
  • Communication features

    - Wi-Fi,

    - blue tooth,

    - USB cable

    - SD card slot

Android based operating system
Approx. 6 hours on battery

Technical data sheet     

Spectral range                  

340-750nm / 640-1100nm


CMOS image sensor

Numer of pixels          


Physical resolution         

~ 1.7nm / ~ 1.8nm

Wavelength reproducibility  


Integration time          

5ms to 100s

A/D conversion                  

16 bits

Signal to noise ratio          


Stray light       


Spectroradiometric accuracy  


Measurement uncertainty of color coordinates (x.y)


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