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Testex Replica Tape

Product Description
Testex Replica Tape with the Replica Tape Gauge will measure the surface profile of blast-cleaned steel.  
NACE compliant Testex Replica Tape.
The Replica Tape Gauge is used to measure the Testex Replica Tape replica and determine the average maximum peak-to-valley height of the blast profile.
Testex Replica Tape is supplied in rolls of 50 impressions.
The Testex Replica Tape is compliant to ISO 8503-5 and NACE SP0287.  
Also known as  Testex Press O Film.
Technical Specification

The replica film in the Testex Replica Tape consists of a layer of crushable plastic microfilm coated onto a polyester substrate of a highly uniform thickness 50μm (2mil).  When compressed against a hard surface, the microfoam collapses to about 25% of its original thickness.
During compression, the foam acquires an impression of the surface against which it is burnished.  The highest peaks on the test surface displace the fully compressed foam and come to rest against the polyester substrate.  The deepest valleys on the test surface create the highest peaks on the replica.
This method measures an average maximum peak-to-valley profile.  The anvils of the Replica Tape Gauge flatten the replica profile slightly so that the reading equates to an average maximum value.
274-R1001. Testex Tape Coarse (50 impressions) 20-64µm (0.8-2.5mils)  
274-R1002. Testex Tape X Coarse (50 impressions) 40-115µm (1.5-4.5mils)   
274-NRC02. Testex Tape Conformance Certificate   
Replica Tape Burnishing Tools

Product Description
Replica Tape Burnishing Tools for burnishing the replica on the Testex Replica Tape.
Supplied in packs of 10.
The Burnishing Tool is rubbed over the replica film in the centre of the tape, using firm pressure.  The circular cut-out will become darker as the surface is replicated.
Part Number: 274-RS001   Spare Burnishing Tools (pack of 10).
Replica Tape Gauge
Product Description
Replica Tape Gauge with the Testex Replica Tape will measure the surface profile of blast-cleaned steel.  NACE compliant Testex Replica Tape.
The Replica Tape Gauge is supplied in an industrial Carrying Case with Testex Replica Tapes Coarse and X Coarse and Burnishing Tool.  
Calibration Certificate with traceability to UKAS is an optional extra.
Compliant to ISO 8503-5 and NACE SP0287.
Testex has not reviewed or approved the use, assurance or accuracy of the gauge.
Technical Specification

Testex Replica Tape measurements are made by placing the replicated
area between the anvils and gently lower the moveable anvil onto the film.
The reading can now be taken, giving you the average peak-to-valley
height of the blasted profile.
Replica Tape Gauge accuracy ±1%FSD.
274-R1004       Testex Gauge (metric). Includes Testex Tape Coarse & Testex Tape X Coarse    
274-NR001       Replica Tape Gauge Calibration Certificate                                                  
274- RC02        Testex Replica Tape Conformance Certificate                                                  
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