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Tilt Indicators

Transportation > Shock Monitoring

Our tilt indicators can detect the tilt of package within 10 degrees and also detect if the package turned over 180 or 360 degrees.

The warning signs at your package will inform your partners and shipping companies that products should be handled with care.
You will be able to control the whole chain: from your warehouse to the final consumer.
Use of these tilt indicators will decrease number of defects when your products transported and protect you from claims.
Put tilt indicators on the two side planes of your package and they will track the tilt angle of your package

Shock indicators - single-use numbered devices fixed outside the box with the goods.
If the indicator detects the excessive shock exceeding the set range, the tube in the middle of the device will turn from white to red.
Shock indicators are designed for a specific impact, they are cheap and widely used for surveillance during transportation of goods, their aim is to monitor the condition of goods beginning from production and during transportation.
Shock indicators help to monitor safe transportation of sensitive products with great accuracy and effectiveness.
Simply put, shock indicators mean less defects, reduction in the number of incidents, amount of damage and cut of costs.

The label allows:
a. to accurately indicate of source of mishandling during transportation of package
b. to reduce of loss rate at least by 50% during storage and transportation of goods
c. to control the careful handling of goods
d. to assess of packaging methods
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