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Other Sorbents

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Molecular Sieve – used for dehydration of industrial gases, drying and cleaning of fluids.

- 3A Molecular Sieve:
The product is widely used for deep desiccation of cracked gases, such acetylene, propylene, butadiene and natural gas, as well as polar liquid, such as ethanol, LPG and solvent.
- 4A Molecular Sieve
The product is mainly used for desiccation of gases and liquids, such as oil well gas and natural gas; it adsorbs H20, H2S, NH3, SO2, CO2, C2H5OH, C2H6 and so on.
- 5A Molecular Sieve
The product is used for dehydration and purification of various hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gas and liquid streams.
It is also used for separation of straight and branched chain hydrocarbons, sweetening and drying of natural gases and production of high purity hydrogen.
- 13X APg Molecular Sieve
The product is used for general air-drying, decontamination of raw in air- separating equipment (to adsorb water and carbon dioxide), desulfuration of liquid hydrocarbons and natural gases (to remove hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan).

Other types of molecular sieve
- Portable medical oxygen molecular sieve
- Carbon zeolite
- XH series zeolite
- Insulating glass molecular sieve
- Zeolite powder
- Activated zeolite powder

Activated Alumina
Description: Consists of aluminum oxide (Al2O3).
Particle Size (mm):0.4-1.2; 2.0-3.0; 3.0-4.0; 3.0-5.0; 4.0-6.0; 5.0-7.0; 6.0-8.0
Application: Widely used for dehydration in electronic and textile industry, at production of oxides and as an adsorbent in the aircraft industry (the dew point is under -55°).
The product is suitable for climatic equipment and is used as an agent for defluorination of drinking water.

Activated Alumina JZ-K2
Particle Size: 3.0-5.0 mm
Description: The product is specially designed to increase water adsorption and surface area.
Application: air dryer / air separation systems

Ceramic Alumina Ball
Description: Ceramic filler showing high stability, significant acid corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
Application: Ceramic alumina balls are widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas industry. Due to high aluminum content, the product is ideal for very acidic or alkaline environment.
The product is especially suitable for liquefied natural gas plants.

Activated coal is used for:

- dechlorination, deozonization, odor removal, improvement of gustatory characteristics, removal of pesticides, herbicides, dioxins, xenobiotics and iron when treating drinking water;

- filtering (removal of after-tastes, odors and organic substances) when treating natural water and water for the city;

- treatment of water for swimming pools;

- treatment of water for production of non-alcoholic beverages and beer, purification of water-alcohol mixture during production of liqueur and spirits and low-alcohol beverages, clarification of wine;

-clarification and deodorization of oils and fats, production of citric, lactic and other edible acids, purification of starch and syrup solutions, sugar syrups, fruit sugar and xylite;

- clarification of plasticizers and as a catalyst carrier in chemical industry;

- production of mineral oils, chemical agents and paint materials;

- filters of any capacity, including household water filters;

- protection of reverse-osmotic membranes and ion-exchange resins from chlorine and organic substances;

- cleaning of water from oils and condensates at electrical power plants;

- sewage treatment and wastewater treatment, treatment of ground water and storm water;

- as an enterosorbent in poultry industry and livestock production for elimination of high toxic substances.
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