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Now, more than ever, it is very important to achieve a consistent surface quality during the production and processing of surface-treated materials (such as papers, plastics, metal or wood surfaces).
A uniform and defined surface quality must be ensured in almost all industrial segments.
Variations in glossiness can result from manufacturing defects, supplier changes and material fluctuations.
Often, these lead to complaints in quality control or even rejection of the material.
Especially in recent years due to increasing demands of customers, it is particularly important to be able to make a flawless, objective assessment of the gloss.

Your advantages :
  • Automatic change-over to Mirror-Gloss
  • Integrated Mirror-gloss Measurement
  • Calibration with only one Standard
  • 60° Measuring geometry
  • 3 Measuring modes

Especially  in  the  automotive  industry,  many  users are  obliged  to  arrange  themselves  with  various prescriptions  for  gloss  measurement.
The  new developed  small  portable  gloss  meter  PICOGLOSS 560  MC-X  was  designed  for  the  non-complicated mobile  gloss  measurement  in  accordance  with  the most  frequently  requested,  standardized measurement  angle  of  60°.
But,  it  considers  even also the requirements of some uncommon 60° gloss measurements  deviating  from  the  standard,  which indeed a lot of users within their daily testing reality are faced with.  
560 MC X

Special Features

  • Handling Single-key  operations  make  gloss  measurements extremely  easy  and  comfortable.  The  reading remains  stored  in  the  display  for  about  10  s  and  is then  switched  off  automatically  to  save  the  battery. However, the last measured value is preserved and is  shown  in  the  display  when  the  instrument  is switched on again.
  • Display In  addition  to  the  measuring  and  calibrating  values the  high-contrast  LC  display  also  shows  messages and information.  The display can be rotated by 180 degrees, so that the device is also comfortably to be used by left-handers.
  • Calibration The  PICOGLOSS  560  MC-X  requires  only  one calibrating  standard  for  normal  two-position calibration. After key pressure the calibration routine runs automatically. The calibration value is stored on the standard (EPROM).
  • 60° Gloss measurement Across  the  branches,  still  the  most  commonly required  measurement  geometry,  e.g  for  lacquers, plastics, etc.
  • Mirror gloss measurement Mirror-gloss  measurements  can  be  conducted  on metallic    surfaces  in  the  range  of  up  to  1000  gloss units.  There  is  an  automatic  change-over  of  the measuring range at 150 gloss units.
  • Automatic switchover of the display resolution   from 0,0 GU to 150,0 GU → from 150 GU to    1000 GU
  • USB interface The  measured  data  can  be  transferred  to  a  PC  by means  of  the  USB  cable  supplied  and  evaluated using  the  software  PICOSOFT  III  *)  -  only  the supplied USB is suitable for that.
  • Statistics function Number  of  measurements  (max.  10),  Min/Max, standard deviation
  • Power supply The PICOGLOSS 560 MC-X is operated by a round cell.  When  using  a  PC,  the  power  supply  is  taken over by the USB interface of the PC.
Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H):  (105 x 31 x 59) mm
Net weight:  200 g
Measuring aperture:  (10 x 24) mm
Measuring spot:  (8 x 16) mm
Measuring geometry:  60°
Light source:  LED
Detector:  Si photo-cell
Display:  graphic LCD   height of digits 11 mm
PC interface:  USB  Power supply:  1 round cell (LR03)
Permissible temperature range:
  • Storage:  - 10 °C to + 60 °C
  • Operation (non-dewy):  + 15 °C to + 40 °C
Reproducibility:  0.2 GU in the range of 0 to 150 GU   0.5 GU in the range of 150 to 1000 GU
Reproducibility in case of interfering irradiation (EN 61000-4-3):  1 GU
Included in the scope of supply:

  • High gloss standard
  • Battery (round cell LR03)
  • USB cable
  • Lens cloth
  • Transport case
  • Operating instructions  

Order number: 101-02950131

The software PICOSOFT IV for model 560 MC-X is availlable free of charge at  

  1. EN ISO 2813
  2. DIN 67 530
  3. ISO 7668
  4. ASTM D 523
Gloss Meter PICOGLOSS 560 MC-S
Order number: 101-0248.02.31
Gloss meter with round aperture 3 mm dia. for measurement on small specimens, with a geometry of 60°, consisting of:
gloss sensor with battery, LD-display and USB interface
by 150 gloss units automatically reversing measuring ranges 0 - 150 gloss units and 150 - 1000 gloss units
high gloss standard
circular cell LR03
USB cable
lens cloth
operating instructions
transport case

We produce special supports for measuring the gloss on curved surface !

To manufacture them we need the diameter of the part to be checked.
Order number: 101-0261.01.31
With two measuring angles of 20° and 60°.
Consisting of:
  • Measuring head including battery power supply
  • LCD and USB interface
  • with automatic switch over of the display range at 150 gloss units(in the range 0 - 150) to 150 - 1000 gloss units (in the 60° measuring mode)as well as to 150 - 2000 gloss units (in the 20° measuring mode)
  • together with high gloss standard
  • 2 circular cells LR03
  • USB cable
  • lens cloth
  • operating instructions
  • transport case.

Gloss Meter PICOGLOSS 503
Order number: 101-0176.02.31
Three-angle gloss meter 20°/60°/85°, with
  • data storage,
  • statistical functions and USB (Mini) as well as Bluetooth® interfaces,
  • incl. single gloss standard A,
  • USB cable,
  • evaluation software “gloss-link” on CD,
  • Bluetooth® adapter,
  • Bluetooth® installation CD,
  • hand strap,
  • battery,
  • carrying case,
  • calibration certificate
  • and operating instructions on CD

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