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Water in Oil

Measurement of water content in oil

Using our transducer - the ProSens environmental parameters meter and a sensor measuring the presence / content of water in oil.
The application uses the following model: QM-100-00-0-1-1-21-1-10-3-2 with an external water-in-oil sensor.

Signal inputs:
2 x
universal inputs allow simultaneous measurement of water content in oil and its temperature.

Signal outputs:

1 x
relay output and 1 x analog output provide great freedom in controlling devices, also in response to the obtained measurements.


The device is equipped with an RS-485 port, thanks to which it is possible to share the measurements in the Modbus network.


Oil is a very essential medium in industry. It reduces friction, improve cooling, and energy
transfer and is an anti-corrosion, protective, and insulating agent.
The appearance of water in oil poses a threat to the device.

The QM-100 meter, providing a continuous real-time measurement, allows the appropriate device protection.
A large, readable display, alarm outputs and communication with automation systems enable a convenient analysis of the status of individual elements.
Thanks to direct measurements we are able to constantly monitor the oil quality and protect the device against failure.

  • Power plants: measurement in turbine gears,
  • Oil and gas industry: monitoring in pump systems,
  • Production: measurement in greases and hydraulic oils,
  • Transformer stations: monitoring in transformer oil.
ProSens is a new line of modern industrial instruments, which integrates sensors, converters, meters and controllers functionalities.
Using the latest miniaturisation technologies these compact instruments are able to be equipped with two independent universal inputs, two binary or two analogue outputs, as well as communication port RS-485 with Modbus protocol.
Model QM-100 is a version without probe.
A large built-in display and output signals mean that the ProSens line units find applications in control systems.
There are many industrial applications, where ProSens can act as stand-alone controller.
It can also cooperate with master devices via Modbus protocol, being part of big network, which makes it perfect instrument for distributed monitoring system.

  • transmitter, display, meter and controller in one package
  • version without probe
  • 1 or 2 universal inputs: 0/4-20 mA, 0-10V, 0-150 mV, RTD or TC
  • 0, 1 or 2 REL outputs (electronic NO)
  • 0, 1 or 2 analogue outputs, passive or active
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • very clear 2.9’’ graphic LCD display, 128 x 64 points, with backlight
  • free configuration software S-Config
Specifications 1
Power supply:
  • 11...36V DC
  • 16...36V DC (0...10V out.)
Display:  LCD, 128 x 64 pixels, graphic, with backlight
Communication Interface: RS-485 / Modbus RTU
Transmission parameters: 1200...115200 bit/s, 8N1 / 8N2
Operating temperature: -30...+80°C
Protection class: IP 65
Case material: polycarbonate+ASA LURAN
Mounting: DIN rail
Case dimensions: 120 x 90 x 50 mm
Input type: universal
Specifications 2
Input range
  • 0/4...20 mA
  • 0...60 mV, 0...75 mV, 0...100 mV, 0...150 mV
  • 0/1...5V, 0/2...10V
  • Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000: -100...+600°C
    • TC K: -200...+1370°C,
    • S: -50...+1768°C,
    • J: -210...+1200°C,
    • T: -200...+400°C,
    • N: -200...+1300°C,
    • R: -50...+1768°C,
    • B: +250...+1820°C,
    • E: -200...+1000°C
Output type :
  • depends on configuration:
  • electronic relay NO, 24V AC/35V DC, max. 200 mA
  • 0/4...20 mA: active current, operating range 0...24 mA max., load resistance 700 Ω max., resolution 13 bit
  • 4...20 mA: passive current, isolated, operating range 2,8...24 mA max., load resistance 600 Ω@24VDC, resolution 13 bit
  • 0/1...5V, 0/2...10V: active voltage, operating range 0...11V max., load resistance min. 2000 Ω, resolution 13 bit
  • simultaneous detection of devices in multiple Modbus RTU networks
  • license: freeware
  • supported devices: all devices provided with Modbus RTU

The S-Config 2 software is used for the simultaneous detection of devices in multiple Modbus RTU networks and allows user to change the configuration of most of them.
SimCorder Soft
  • license key required
  • Basic, Alarm, Network (Server and Terminal) versions
  • semiScada module - monitoring of current measurements in a transparent graphical method with the possibility of immediate evaluation and response to the process status
  • data downloads from SIMEX products equipped with RS-485 serial communication interface with Modbus RTU protocol
  • current measurements displayed in tables, diagrams or visualisation windows
  • ability to send email notifications and SMS in the Alarm or Network versions
The SimCorder Soft works with SIMEX products equipped with RS-485 interface.
It enables the visualization, archiving and printing of measurements (e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure).
Work with network of units takes place through an RS-485 serial interface.
Connecting a network of units to a serial port (RS-232) or USB port of a PC is possible thanks to a converter (RS-485 to RS-232 or RS-485 to USB) produced by SIMEX.
The new SimCorder PC Software v.4 with semiSCADA module can be equipped with the semiSCADA module, which features presenting current measurements in a clear graphical way.
The semiSCADA funcionality enables you to place various indicators and objects like tanks, thermometers, bars, etc., as well as background images on the plan and show a real appearance of room or object being monitored. You can also observe measurements at different levels of the process or system.

It consists of 3 installation versions of following software:
  1. The SimCorder BASIC is the elementary version of SimCorder Software with possibility of installation on the PC directly connected to network of units. GSM notification and signalisation of system alarm states is not available in BASIC version. Informations of exceptions and errors are accessible only as text messages (in Device infos tab of Current measures menu).
  2. The SimCorder ALARM is the version of SimCorder Software with possibility of installation on the PC directly connected to network of units. In comparison with BASIC version ALARM is expanded with GSM notification and signalisation of system alarm states.
  3. The SimCorder NETWORK is network version of SimCorder Software with possibility of installation on max. 10 terminal stations. One package named SimCorder Soft NETWORK included the SERVER and TERMINAL versions. The TERMINAL version allows visualization (via internet) of devices working controlled directly by SERVER version. TERMINAL version allows exclusively visualisation of the settings, change of the settings can be made only via SERVER version installed on the PC directly connected to network of devices. SERVER version makes available data base containing measurement results, while TERMINAL version allows remote access to this data base.
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