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The GREFRY-F Series Refrigerators
Professional Pharmaceutical Refrigerators
In Compliance with DIN 58345

The GREFRY-F Series Refrigerators for Pharmaceutical Storage by Fratelli Galli are professional equipment that fully satisfy the requirements for refrigeration in pharmaceutical sector.
They offer ample storage space with a minimum bulk of just 60 cm; countertop models are 82cm high and can be placed under any laboratory bench.

  • External structure made of steel with plastic inner compartment
  • This series include glass and blind door models, with internal light and switch.
  • Electronic temperature control system with 0.1°C adjustment.
  • Temperature range: from +2°C to +8°C.
  • Acoustic and visual alarms for the signaling of open door and temperature variations (adjustable by the user), RS485 interface and voltage-free clean contacts for connection to centralized monitoring systems.
  • Forced air cooling that ensures constant temperature maintenance and even temperature distribution inside.
  • Control module that saves the minimum and maximum internal temperatures, the last three alarms for temperature and power anomalies as well as time, date, and duration of the alarm.
  • Digital display that stores the exact temperature and operating status.
  • A second safety thermostat prevents the stored materials from freezing.
  • Hermetic compressors with eco-friendly refrigerant gas, which improves their CO2 footprint and promotes sustainability.
  • Serial BUS Interface for connection to an external monitoring system
  • External digital display
  • Available as under-worktop models
  • Reversable door hinges

Scope of supply

  • Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual
  • CE Certificate of Conformity
  • Warranty Certificate
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