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Photo Studioligth

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Studio Light Compact 5000

Item No. 65045
The compact solution:
  • a complete studio light system in
  • small format.
Completely equipped with
  • 2 daylight lamps (2 x 36 W) on mobile support arms,
  • back drop,
  • transmissive lighting.

Optional:    Third daylight lamp to cast light onto rear wall.

JUST Studio Light System 5OOO

Large photo surface evenly lit with consistent 5000 Kelvin daylight quality light.
Includes electronic slide dimmer to regulate light intensity, voltage regulator allowing less than 1 % fluctuation, and electronic ballasts
with upper wave frequency suppression.
Item No. 8243

The entire studio offers the user a complete solution, quick set-ups and
an efficient working environment.
The studio is ready in minutes and completely equipped with three lamps
that are variably adjustable on mobile
that are variably adjustable on mobile support arms.
The studio surface is equipped with dimmable transmissive lighting.
Complete studio, including 3
lamps (2 x / 4 x / 6 x 55 W) and backdrop.

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