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Colour Comparison Cabinet MATCHMASTER 425 MC

The Colour Matching Cabinets 425 MC and 425 MC II meet the requirements of an inspection of measuring equipment, as the working hours of the illuminants can be indicated.
All systems offered comply with the requirements of the ASTM D 1729 Standard (in-cluding CIE Publication 51) for light quality and intensity, symmetry of illumination and viewing, ambient conditions, and uniformity.
Design and Function
The housing of the MATCHMASTER 425 MC comprises of solid thermopal plastic sheets dyed conforming to standards, and is open at the front side.
Beside the three light types D65, A and TL84, UV light can be switched-on additionally to illustrate the fluorescent properties of some samples. It is possible to change between the three standard light sources at arbitrary time intervals, either automatically or manually, in any desired order.
A control panel with foil keyboard and LCD provides a comfortable control – either manual or automatic - of the instrument. The active operating mode is indicated by light emitting diodes.
The manual operation is very easy: By a keystroke the required light type is set.
In the automatic mode the preprogrammed combination of light sources in connection with the transit times (2 - 15 s) is switched automatically.
The programming of the automatic test sequence can be seen from the indications on the LCD.
In the test mode the switching cycles as well as the time alight of each individual light source are displayed to monitor the life time of the lamps.
Colour Matching Cabinet MATCHMASTER 425 MC microprocessor-controlled, with 4 light types D65, A and TL84,
UV light can be switched-on, control panel with foil keyboard and LCD
Viewing area (W/D/H): 620 x 490 x 430 mm
Dimensions (W/D/H): 650 x 500 x 610 mm
Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz (110 V, 60 Hz on request)
The Standard Light Cabinet  MATCHMASTER 425 MC II is a colour comparison instrument with five different light sources (D65, TL84, A, TL83, UV) for perfect assessment and comparison of colour under various light types.
A light diffuser provides a uniform distribution of light. Upon request light types can be exchanged, e.g.CWF (cool white fluorescent). A Calibration Certificate (light quality) is included in the scope of supply. An electronic light automatism enables a programmable automatic change of light sources in connection with adjustable times of illumination.
The user can programme a sequence of the individual light types (up to 10 changes) in any desired order.
The MATCHMASTER 425 MC II is equipped with a light monitoring facility "LiteGuard II" which observes all five light sources, records the hours alight of the individual tubular lamps, and indicates the exchange of a tubular lamp, if required.
Colour Matching Cabinet MATCHMASTER 425 MC II microprocessor-controlled, with 5 light types D65, A, TL84, TL83 and UV light, incl. Calibration Certificate as well as light diffusor, electronic light automatism and light monitoring system "LiteGuard II"
Viewing area (W/D/H): 1010 x 630 x 630 mm
Dimensions (W/D/H): 1070 x 680 x 790 mm
Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz (110 V, 60 Hz on request)

The standard light cabinets MATCHMASTER 425 III and 425 IV are colour comparison instruments with three light types. There are three standard light types available: D65, A and TL84. A light diffuser for a uniform distribution of light is available at option. It is possible to switch over between these three standard light sources manually in any desired order. Each cabinet comes with a Test Certificate (light quality).
Both bench models consist of metal sheets lacquered conforming to standards and can be assembled without any tool within some minutes.
The colour comparison cabinets are open at the front side.
A control panel with illuminated toggle switches - the symbols of the three light sources are shown above - provides an easy operation of the instrument.
- Light diffuser
- 45° Viewing Stand, for Model 425 III (22 x 56 cm), for Model 425 IV (22 x 41 cm), neutral grey surround
- Adjustable Viewing Stand (20 x 41 cm)
- Matt black Insert Panel Set made of aluminium, including side walls, rear wall and floor panels
Colour Matching Cabinet MATCHMASTER 425 III with 3 light types D65, A and TL84, incl. Test Certificate
Viewing area (W/D/H): 610 x 340 x 360 mm
Dimensions (W/D/H): 680 x 420 x 480 mm
Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz (110 V, 60 Hz on request)
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