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SunChex RH

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SunChex RH

SunChex RH represents a breakthrough in xenon small light fastness and weathering testers.
SunChex RH is the first tabletop test chamber allowing simulation and control of all weathering parameters including relative humidity control available only on very expensive equipments.
SunChex R.H. is a device to test the color solidity of textiles, synthetic yarns and natural leather.
This instrument is specifically designed to meet the ISO 105 B02 standards for the strength test in the textile sector.
SunChex R.H. also complies with numerous regulations relating to various industrial sectors.
By means of a 1500 W xenon lamp and humidity conditions controlled by an ultrasonic device this instrument simulates all the test conditions prescribed for the evaluation of the color fastness of the most varied products.

The light of the xenon lamp is filtered by an installed optical UV filter and is evenly distributed in the specimen holder tray by a parabolic reflector and suitably shaped and highly reflective walls. A fan cools the lamp and the exposure chamber.

  • Wide band irradiance control sensor (300-400 nm) ensures constant irradiance for the whole life of the xenon lamp.
  • Controlled and monitored irradiance from 25 to 80 W/m² (300-400 nm).
  • Controlled and monitored temperature at specimen tray level with BST (Black Standard Thermometer). BST range: from 40°C to 90°C.
  •           The BST temperature range depends on irradiance level and ambient temperature.
  • Controlled and monitored relative humidity. Relative humidity range: approx. 30 RH to 90 RH.
  •          The relative humidity RH depends on irradiance level and ambient temperature. Ultrasonic humidifier ensures reliable functioning for long time.
    Control Panel

    1. Display of the conditions in the test chamber.
    2. Selector of the displayed value either:
      • Irradiance expressed in W/m²
      • Temperature measured by BST sensor expressed in °C
      • Relative Humidity expressed in %
    3. Potentiometer for setting of irradiance.
    4. Potentiometer for setting of the BST temperature.
    5. Potentiometer for setting of the Relative Humidity.
    6. Timer to set the test time.
    7. Start button.
    8. Stop button.
    9. Run warning light. 10. Water warning light
    Technical data   
    SunChex R.H.
    Electrical connection
    Mains connection                                                                               1/N/PE
    Mains voltage                                                                                        230 Vac +-10% 50/60 Hz
    Current consumption                                                                       16 A (max)

    Water supply for humidifier
    Built in tank capacity                                                                          20 litres
    Type of water                                                                                           demineralised  < 5 μ Siemens

    Measures and weight
    Dimensions W x D x H (mm)                                                            790x510x780
    Floor weight (Kg)                                                                                     65
    Exposure area W x D (mm)                                                                280x200

    Air cooled especially designed xenon lamp (watt)                1500
    Irradiance range: 25-80 W/m2 (300-400 nm)                          X
    BST Temperature controlled and displayed                               X
    BST temperature range from 40 °C to 90 °C                              X
    Relative Humidity controlled and displayed                               X
    Relative Humidity range approx. 30 RH to 90 RH                    X

    Options and accessories
    Standard borosilicate UV filter for outdoor test condition   X
    Non aging soda lime UV filter for outdoor test condition      X
    Non aging soda lime UV filter for outdoor with IR coating    X
    Non aging soda lime UV filter for indoor test condition           X
    Non aging soda lime UV filter for indoor with IR coating        X
    Multimeter (radiometer and thermometer)                                    X
    295-400 nm sensor, wide band total UV                                            X
    340 nm sensor, narrow band                                                                      X
    420 nm sensor, narrow band                                                                      X
    Illuminance sensor, up to 2 MLux                                                             X
    Black Standard Thermometer sensor                                                    X

    SO 16474-2 Method A (daylight filters)
    The UV MULTIMETER is a battery operated  radiometer and thermometer, specially developed  for use with the SOLARBOX, but it can control the  output of any UV Lamp in many industrial  applications.
    It is portable and together with its case, can easily  be returned to the manufacturer for re-certification of calibration to an official  national laboratory standard.
    The UV MULTIMETER measures either irradiance or temperature using the following easily interchangeable, good cosine response sensor:
    • UV 295 - 400 NM large band sensor.
    • UV 340 NM narrow band sensor
    • UV 420 NM narrow band sensor
    • Illuminance sensor spectral response similar C.I.E. photopic luminosity curve. Measuring range up to 2 MEGALUX.
    • Black Standard Temperature sensor. R
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