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Krebs Viscosimeter

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B-One Touch

Touch the viscosity of your products with your fingers
The B-One TOUCH has a 7” touch screen and comes with a stylus.
This  easy-to-use screen lets you see all measurement parameters at the same  time.

The B-One Touch can be used with the  KREBBS MK-KU 1-10 Geometrie.

ASTM D 562, 856, 1131
This is a modern version of the traditional Krebs-Stormer viscometer used in the coatings industry.
This motorised instrument operates at a speed of 200 rpm without weights or pulley, and directly displays viscosity from 40 to 140 KU (Krebs Units).
The Krebs Stormer apparatus mesures a dynamic viscosity of a liquid.  
The Stormer viscometer is used to measure viscosity of paints and other materials.
The viscometer uses the Krebs Unit (KU).
Spindle KU 1-10: viscosity range 20 - 5000 mPa·s (40 – 140 KU)
The KREBBS MK-KU1-10 rotational speed comply with ASTM method D 562.
Speed : 200 rpm
Repeatability: +/- 0,2 %
Container of paint :  500 mL (standardized) ; with the KU 1- 10 you can measure with 250 Ml
Display : Krebs Unit (KU), grams and mPa.s (cP)
Measurement time : Astm D 562 require to wait 5 s for the display reading to stabilize.
Two results, each the mean of two measurements on the same material by the same operator at different times are necessary.
Annual Calibration is recommended.
Option: control oil fluids: 64-79-84-95 or 106 KU (25°C).

This test procedure provides an immediate calculation of the viscosity value.
Easy to use – no weights attachment
Switch selectable LED digital display of Krebs units or grams or centipoise
Allows for rapid and easy measurement of samples
Reliable design and longevity
High precision and accuracy
Constant speed motor
Large LCD display
Instrument base fits standard pint, 1/2 pint and quart cans
Traceable to NIST

  • Paints & Coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Inks
  • Pastes
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