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Hassle-free air shipments with data loggers – 100% IATA compliant

Navigate IATA New DGR– Effective January 1 2017
Shipping temperature controlled pharmaceuticals is a complex  business, with many variables and multiple supply chain partners  involved.
When shipments are sent with data loggers, they are subject to  specific IATA and Dangerous Good Regulations to increase security of  air cargo shipments.
These regulations have become stricter year on year  and reached a new level in 2017.
They are differences between shipments of data  loggers with traditional lithium batteries requiring special labeling;  and shipments containing data logger types that are exempt from additional IATA labeling.
If you use data loggers without button cell batteries  it's more work and heavier costs.
As soon as you go over 3 boxes using a  data logger in a single consignment or you use multiple data loggers in  a single box, your shipment must adhere to new 2017 labeling and documentation requirements.

Bypass IATA Lithium Battery declaration and reduce costs
Data loggers containing button cell batteries are exempt from  additional IATA labeling, so no extra forms and no extra handling costs –  no matter how many boxes or pallets you ship.
The choice of data loggers that you use in your temperature  controlled distribution, could impact your entire logistics planning and  handling procedures.
With the right data logger, you not only save  costs along the process, but also eliminate the hassle of additional  paperwork and the risk of being non-compliant in your cold chain.
A closed loop data monitoring system can simplify your cold chain logistics and ensure compliance.
LIBERO CS helps you implement an Allowable Excursion Model, drastically reducing number of excursions.
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