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Thermal Mapping

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Thermal mapping

Thermal mapping of enclosures, ovens, fridges, cold rooms, freezers, warehouses, sterilizers is an important step in quality control, in order to meet the requirements of your product managers, your customers, external auditors.
It is the essential step to ensure the necessary quality for storage facilities and to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
How does the heating, cooling and cooling systems work?
What are the cold spots?
What is the temperature of the cold point?
What is the influence of ventilation systems on the temperature of storage areas?
Is the heat treatment homogeneous?
How to ensure the monitoring quality of the different storage, storage and process areas?
What is the influence of opening the doors of the loading docks?
In warehouses, thermal mapping is best done during peak temperatures in summer and winter.
The location, the number of data loggers, the parameters to be measured, must be carefully defined.
To demonstrate three-dimensional consistency and storage quality according to the requirements of your products, it is necessary to install data loggers in three planes: from left to right, from front to back, and from top to bottom.
A recording must be made over a period of time sufficient to record the various production cycles, and the events that occur during that time. Usage recommends a recording over a full week.
After each campaign, we issue a verification certificate, taking the average data collected during the campaign at the different measurement points. The instruments used are specified and their calibration certificates are attached to the annexes. This final report is given to you in pdf format.
This certificate is made under excel, it allows you to visualize the vulnerable places of your warehouses, cold rooms, fridges ... it will clearly show you the hot spots, and the cold spots.
Do not hesitate to contact us and entrust us with the realization of your thermal mapping.
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