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Data Loggers for Steam Sterilization

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Data Loggers for Steam Sterilization
It is standalone, programmable and can operate at up to 150°C without thermal protection, wire or connection.
Made of stainless steel, completely water-proof, it can be placed directly into the environment to be studied (food can, various packaging), and reduce the labor time greatly.
This system is suitable to effectively and accurately control the thermal distribution in the sterilisation process.
Ideal for pharmaceutical, food processing industries and in hospitals.
High accuracy datalogging system.

MadgeTech's steam sterilization data loggers can be used to monitor, record and validate each cycle.
This rugged product line includes devices capable of withstanding temperatures up to 150 °C, as well as enduring the sterilizer’s high pressure environment.
Each device records data at a user-selectable interval, providing validation for the entire cycle.
The MadgeTech software makes it easy to create validation reports and document compliance with federal regulations.

Steam sterilization validation is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the sterilization process.
When precision is needed, MadgeTech steam sterilization data loggers can withstand harsh environments as well as organic and chemical materials.
Appropriate for any industry in need of submersible, durable data loggers, this diverse collection is built for long term use and monitoring.

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