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Coil Coatings Oven

Laboratory Product > Heating
Coil Coating Laboratory Oven M13-500

Improved model !
- Only 12 kW heat effect instead of 18 kW and with better test results. Energy efficient in comparison.
- More accurate sample results
- Ergonomic and servicefriendly construction

Auto Load System
The oven gives total control of the full heatings process of the sample:
- Repetetive process to change samples
- Safe and fast handling for the operator
- Superior ergonomics

- One-year warranty for fabrication disorder at  application
Accu Fast System
Applicating the heat to the sample:
- Frequency converter for control of the air-flow
- Upper and lower heat is focused on the sample
- Efficient ventilation of fumes from the sample

Ultra Heat System
The oven is fast - with high heat capacity: 500º C max temp
- Extra insulation with high quality refractory material
- Efficient sealing system

Ventilation, testsheet-cooling and service door
To control the ventilation and get rid of gases there is a frequency controlled exhaust fan.
A service door is placed on the back of the oven.
The key benefits:
- Fast and keeps a steady temperature, within a range of +/- 1º C
- Quick and safe change of sample
- High heat capacity

To improve the performance we focused on:
- The design of the  air flow
 - Reduction of the heat leakage

What To Expect
- Easy maintenance
- Superior ergonomics
- Strong support and service setup

Separate frequency converters to control the air-flow for upper heat, lower heat and ventilation.
Thermocouples to measure upper heat, lower heat and for overheat protection.
The temperature regulator is controlled by the PLC.
Pict. 2: The Control Panel
The oven is PLC-operated with a detailed control panel.
Easy to operate with touch-buttons.
Options :
Water cooling box (W)
Box of stainless steel for cooling water
Water cooling box with auto dip-function (WD)
The box of stainless steel with automatic dip-function of the hot sample into the water cooling box.
IR-sensor (IR)
Measures directly on the sample and finishes test automatically when the right temp has been reached.
21HT High Temperature Ovens + 500°C

21HT Thermostatic Ovens by Galli suitable for your applications: precise thermostating, heating, drying, polimerization, expansion, cooking, stabilization, tempering, fixing, bonding, heat treatment, accelerated aging, sterilizing, burn-in, inert atmosphere treatments.
• AG-System Control: PID Digital Microprocessor, careful and sensitive. Version DAILY, PRO, TALENT
• Range Temperature: from +50°C to 500°C, on request max + 700°C
• Double Digital Display visualize simultaneously the set point and the inner Temperature
• Safety Device, Class 3.1
• Accessories, custom versions, temperatures available on request
• Dynamic and homogeneous Forced Air Circulation System
• 3 sizes, bench top model: 40, 100, 216 Litres
• Made in Italy

• External structure in stainless steel, powder coated, solvent free, RAL 7035
• Structure in triple wall far containing the heat
• lnner chamber in stainless steel AISI 304 + second casing made in stainless steel AISI 304
• Triple Ceramic + Mineral Wool insulation asbestos free + air cushion
• Heating obtained by the use of armored heaters for high temperature
• A special motor with long shaft blower and a steel fan ensures high air circulation in the working chamber
• A baffle system for conveying the air in all the chamber
Standard Equipments

• 2 shelves, removable and adjustable height no tip
• 1 Supply cable
• 1 Instruction Manual
• 1 CE Conformity Certificate
• 1 Warranty Certificate
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