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Importance of Weighing

There are no human activities that do not require weight control.
In her kitchen, the cook weighs the ingredients that go into the composition of her cake.
At the maternity the weighing allows to control the evolution of the baby.
A food manufacturer must ensure that the can he produce has the correct weight.
In a drug or painting formulation, the milligram dosage is a must.
To send a letter, a package, a pallet the operator must know the weight.
When you go to the butcher and ask for 500 gr. of steak, you will pay for 500 gr. steak and so you want to receive 500 gr. of meat, not less.
Industrial scales are used for a lot of applications.  
Senze-Instruments and his partners have your solution for weighing applications from 1 milligram to tons.
At Senze-Instruments, we can assure you good weighing practices, accurate calibration services and routine maintenance of your scales.
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