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Laboratory Sand Bath

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Sand Baths Mod.22

Sand Baths Mod.22 by Galli, suitable for distribution of the temperature over the complete heating surface. Insulated structure, high thermal insulation.
Designed to contain sand, stainless steel shot.

From + 10°C above ambient to about + 350°C.

• Steel outer casing stove enameled with epoxy colours
• Tank in stainless steel AISI 304 with handle for extraction
• Heating by armored heaters elements
• Energy regulator Simmerstat type
• Range Temperature: From Ambient Temperature +10°C to +350°C approx.


• Steel outer casing stove enamelled with epoxy colours.
• Efficient thermal insulation, no asbestos used.
• Tank made of SS AISI 304 with handle for extraction.
• Heating provided by armored heaters under the tank.
• Energy regulator SIMMERSTAT type.
• Electrical parts according to current safety standard including: Fuses, warning light, supply cable with Shuko plug, main switch.
• Range Temperature from + 10°C above ambient to about + 350°C.
• Instruction for use and wiring diagram.
• All units are individually checked and tested.
• Electrical supply 230 V 1phase 50 Hz.

• Aluminium sand (4 kg.)

Standard Equipments
•  1 Supply cable
•  1 Instruction Manual
•  1 CE Conformity Certificate
•   1 Warranty Certificate
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