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Measuring magnifiers

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Measuring magnifiers:
the measuring  magnifiers with 7x, 10x, 15x and 20x magnification are fitted with precision gradations in units of 0.1  millimetre.
The strong magnification of 30x has a finer division into units of 0.05 millimetres.
The magnifier with 10x magnification has a particular large viewing area.
This allows a maximum measurement  area of 30 millimetres. Scale number 8 in white is available for use when making measurements against dark backgrounds. The comprehensive range of scales available for magnifiers with 7x and 10x magnification and the replacement parts available are all shown on pages 27 and 29. All five measuring magnifiers can also be supplied with illumination. The 7x and 10x magnifications are available as a set in a box with five scales. The scales can be freely selected from our large range.
Telecentric magnifiers:
With the telecentric magnifiers the objects (which  are at different distances below the magnifier) still appear at the same magnification / at the same level. This means that an error-free measurement  is possible. Thanks to the apertures with diameters of 0.5, 1 and 3 millimetres, the measurements are free of parallax. For this reason this magnifier is also used for adjustment work. The scale is divided into units of 0.1 millimetre and has a crosshair. Zoom magnifier: This zoom magnifier with its variable focal length is unique. The range of magnification from 8x to 16x allows a viewing area of from 20 to 10 millimetres. A compensation from +2.5 to -5 dioptres, a measurement scale with 0.1 millimetre divisions and an additional division into units of 0.005 inches leaves nothing to be desired. The product is supplied in a leather case. Illumination is available as an optical extra. This five-lens optics is a tool for technicians and specialists which is more than top class.
New: Available as a zoom magnifier, 10x – 20x (2066).
Anastigmatic magnifier:
Optics which corrects for the distortion caused by light arriving at an angle and the curvature of the image field. In addition the magnifier is colour corrected.
This  makes it specially suitable for assessing transparencies, for use in dermatology or for setting focussing screens in large format cameras. The
measurement length of the magnifier with 4x magnification is an impressive 60 millimetres.
The 7x brings the  figure up to 40 millimetres. The scales can be easily removed, the focussing is smooth and precise.
Crack magnifier RL:
The most important component of the crack magnifier is the tilted stainless steel plate in the base. It has an etched gradation in units of 1/10th millimetres. This measuring instrument can be focussed using its height-adjustable lens system. The crack magnifier is specially suited for checking cutting edges on drills and milling machines in the metal-working sector. The indestructible  stainless steel gradation is superior to a glass scale particularly in this area of use. The crack magnifier is available in 8x and 10x magnifications.
Special magnifiers available on request
Calibration scale with DAkkS protocol
Calibration scale with 0.1 mm graduation and DAkkS protocol, measuring length 30 mm
If you would like to order a calibration device for the internal creation of a calibration certificate, we can offer you two models:

1 Calibration disc 0.01 mm - graduation 100µm - total length 30 mm
- Order. No. 233-S-1983-DAkkS
- dimensions 35 x 1.28 mm
- Delivery time: approx. 3 - 4 weeks after order

1 Calibration disc 0.01 mm - graduation 10µm - total length 2 mm
- Order. No. 233-S-1983-001-DAkkS
- dimensions 35 x 1.28 mm
- Delivery time: approx. 3 - 4 weeks after order
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