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Dry Ice Monitoring

Transportation > Cold Chain Monitoring
Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide.
It is commonly used for temporary refrigeration.
Dry ice surface temperature is -78.5 degrees Celsius.
It is used primarily as a cooling agent, used as a refrigerant, especially during shipping of perishable products such as meats or ice cream.
Dry ice will play a crucial role in maintaining the correct temperature as the vaccine travels for distribution.

  • USB connector allows downloading data without reader or cable
  • Time mark records events requiring special attention
  • IATA PI970 II compliant, your goods with Tempod inside will not be handled as dangerous goods
  • RTCA DO-160G compliant allows monitoring in air freight •
  • GxP regulations compliant

Tempod 90 S Specifications
Type : Single use
Sensor : Temperature: Internal RTD sensor
Memory Capacity : 28.800 readings
Measurement Range :  -90°C...70°C
Accuracy :
  • ±0.7°C (-90°C...-30°C)
  • ±0.5°C (-30°C...30°C)
  • ±0.7°C (30°C...70°C)
Resolution : 0.1°C / °F
Start Mode :  Manual / Auto
Logging Interval :  1 minute…2 hours
Alarm Range : High and low alarms / 5 alarm ranges
Battery  : 3.6V lithium battery
Battery Life  : 30 days (logging interval >= 5 mins)
Shelf Life : 24 months
Display :
  • LCD
  • OK(√), Alarm(x), alarm zone
  • Running status
  • Temperature statistics (max, min, avg)
  • Remaining battery level
  • Mark history
Connection :   USB 2.0 Connector
Automatic Data File :  Encrypted PDF report with embedded raw data
Software :  TempCentre2 (21 CFR 11 compliant)
Calibration :  Factory NIST traceable 3-point calibration
Certifications :  CE, RTCA-DO160G, IATA PI970 II
Protection Class : IP65
Dimensions :  100mm L x 40mm W x 12mm H
Weight Approx. :  68g
Packaging/ Material :  Case / Polycarbonate

  • Sea / Air Freight monitoring
  • Distribution / Last-mile delivery monitoring
  • Dry-ice shipper delivery monitoring
  • Storage / Freezer monitoring
USB PDF Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger with External RTD Probe

2 Models : type multi use
  • TEMPOD 100X     -100°C...70°C
                                                        Accuracy ±0.5°C
  • TEMPOD 200X      -200°C...70°C
                                                          Accuracy ±0.5°C (-100°C…70°C)
                                                                                ±1.5°C (other range)
Software-free Configuration
Rapid programming data logger using configuration file created online, no need to install software or driver for device configuration, multiple platforms compatible
Multiple Alarm Zones
Up to 5 alarm ranges offer detailed and precise temperature excursion statistics
Password Protection
Device password protection prevents unauthorized manipulation to data logger
Air Freight Compliance
Complies with IATA PI970 II and RTCA/DO-160G Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment, qualified for air shipment in active status.
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