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Metal Test Specimens

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Metal test specimens

Stainless steel
1.4301, 1.4571, 1.4401, 1.4310, other grades available upon request

Test specimens
  • According to A.F.E.R.A. 4001 (old standard), with defined finish
  • With high-gloss finish (according to FINAT, PSTC standard, A.F.E.R.A. standard 5001, EN 1939)

Grade 1 and grade 5, other grades available upon request

Automotive grades painted
  • Cathodic-dip painted OEM quality
  • Painted in repair and OEM quality as used by various car manufacturers

Non-ferrous metals
MS63 and MS58 brass grades, copper (E-Cu and SF-Cu), zinc, lead, bronze

Powder-coated metals

  • Hot-rolled, for instance: DD11
  • Cold-rolled, for instance: DC04
  • Hot-galvanized, for instance: DX51Z275
  • Electrolytically galvanized DC01ZE25/25
  • Tin-plated
  • Various automotive qualities, for instance: DC06, DC04ZE75/75 or DX54Z140, HX420LAD+Z
  • GALFAN, Galvannealed or Galvalume available upon request

Upon request the test specimens are customized and labeled with serial numbers.
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