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Chambers for COOLING & FREEZING to store Pharmaceutical Product

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends the following for refrigerated and food storage.      
  • Keep the refrigerator temperature at or below 4°.
  • The freezer temperature should be -18° C.

For this reason we have in our manufacturing plan, modular and walkin equipment or compact systems with lower load capacity.
We have equipment with forced air circulation and cooling by static evaporation.

Climatic chambers for stability tests acc. with "guidelines  ICH/FDA"
In general cases, products and pharmaceutical substances should be tested under the following conditions :
  • Long Term Study : 25°C/60% RH (minimum 12 months)
  • Long Middle-term Study : 30°C/65% RH (minimum 6 months)
  • Accelerated Study : 40°C/75% RH (minimum 6 months)

For substances or pharmceuticals in semi-permeable packaging, the test conditions have been set out under the following guidelines :
  • Long Term Study : 25°C/40% RH (minimum 12 months)
  • Long Term Study : 40°C/25% RH (minimum 12 months)

During these tests yous should ensure a deviation of temperature +/- 0,1...+/- 0,3°C and in relative humidity of +/- 1...+/- 3%RH
GENVIRO Large Thermostatic and Climatic Chamber

Thermostatic and Climatic Chambers for environmental simulation tests.

Temperature range : -40,0°C / -70,0°C to +180°C
Humidity range : 10% … 98%

Suitable for :
  • pharmaceutical industry,
  • biological,
  • aeronautical,
  • electronic,
  • optical,
  • semiconductor,
  • automotive,
  • and  chemical.

Ideal for environmental simulation testing, Genviro Climatic and Thermostatic Chambers provide the solution to your need to meet increasingly stringent International and Automotive standards.

You can choose a Genviro Climatic or a Thermostatic Chamber from various sizes, from compact 30L, 60L, 120 and 245L to larger 3300L volumes.
• AG-System TALENT: Control PID Digital Microprocessor, Multi-Loop, with alarms and autotuning functions
TOUCH SCREEN graphic, 7” color widescreen
• Multi-programs with ramps, soaks and repetition
• Thermostat Safety Device, selectable and independent, with protection of min. and max. temperature
• Thermodynamic Registration on-line
• Ethernet and USB
• Range Temperature: From -40,0°C / -70,0°C to +180°C
• Climatic version with humidity control from 10% to 98%
• 4 standard sizes + customized volumes
Standard Equipments

• N° 01 Shelf in stainless steel, removable and adjustable height
• N° 01 Through hole diam. 50mm
• N° 01 CE Certificate of Conformity
• N° 01 Instruction Manual
• N° 01 Warranty Certificate
• N° 01 Supply Cable
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