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Scratch Hardness Tester

The optimised scratch hardness testerLINEARTESTER 249 Smart is intended, in addition to its original purpose of application, i. e. to establish the ability of a surfaces to resist damage by scratching, also for several other tests:
  • Scribe/Scratch tests;
  • To and fro-cycle abrasion tests;
  • Crockmeter tests;
  • MEK tests;
  • tests determining the resistance against solvents in general or  wipe test, respectively.

Principle of the Test

The test panel is fixed onto a mobile slide by means of clamping rails. Above this slide and held on two metal pillars is a reciprocating beam bedded in a free-moving manner and carrying the adequate test tool as well as a weight.

The required scratching force in the range of (0.5 to20)N is set by moving the weight along the reciprocating beam, making use of a setting scale (an additional  load weight of (1 to 40)N is optionally available).

The testing machine is equipped with a 4position height adjustable load arm device with standard height of about 10 mm (+20/+40/+60 mm).
To use the vertical adjustment, a set of sample clamping pieces are also required (Order No. 21010232).

To start a scratch/scribe test, the test tool is lowered onto the specimen when moving forward initiating the scratching process immediately.
The test panel can be moved sideways so that a series
of scratches can be carried out side by side with different force settings.
Due to a ruler integrated in the slide plate, an uniform distance between the scratches can be achieved very easily.

When testing insulating coatings on conducting
substrates, an electric recognition of the throughscratching offers an additional security for setting the scratching force.

For abrasion tests, crockmeter tests, MEK or wipe tests
the test movement is carried out with the tool lowered onto the specimen, in preset cycles to and fro.
For this, the guide plate has to be removed from the slide plate.

The test speeds are freely adjustable. The LINEARTESTER Smart is equipped with variable stroke lengths.
There are three fixed as well as one freely


The LINEARTESTER 249 Smart is a tabletop device that is operated via a capacitive LCD display.
The electromotive drive ensures a uniform forward motion of the slide. The test tool is lowered and lifted automatically when scratch/scribe tests are carried out.
A multitude of different test tools are available (see table on the next page). The tools marked with (*) are made of Tungsten Carbide Steel, additionally covered with an
extremely hard layer.
Due to this layer’s "golden"  appearance, any worn parts are visually very easy recognizable because the Tungsten Carbide Material under the "golden" layer has a distincly different color.
With the optional available universal adapter set (see last page) even also several user-specifc tool inserts can be used.  

Spherical inserts for the clamping adapter (short shaft without clamping device)  

  • Test tip acc. to van Laar (Ø 0.5 mm)  

  • Test tip acc. to Bosch (Ø 0.75 mm)  

  • Test tip acc. to ISO (Ø 1.0 mm)  

  • Test tip acc. to ISO (Ø 1.0 mm) – additionally covered with an extremly hard layer  

  • Test tip acc. to BMW (Ø 3.0 mm)  

Asymmetric inserts (short shaft with clamping device)  

  • Test tip acc. to Clemen (R 1.0 mm)  

  • Test Tip for cross hatch cutting (30°) – additionally covered with an extremly hard layer  

  • Inserts (Ø 16 mm/R 0.5 mm) for the disc adapter  

  • Test discs made of Duroplast (p. 10 pcs.)  

  • Test discs made of copper (p. 10 pcs.)  

  • Test discs made of stainless steel (p. 10 pcs.)  

  • Test discs made of stainless steel, additionally covered with an extremly hard layer (p. 10 pcs.)  

Adapter for abrasion tests

  • Squarish adapter (egde length 25 mm)  

  • Cylindrical adapter (dia. 25 mm)  


Test Tip with long shaft  

  • Test tip acc. to Clemen (R 1.0 mm)  

  • Test tip acc. to van Laar (Ø 0.5 mm)  

  • Test tip acc. to IHD (Ø 0.6 mm)  

  • Test tip acc. to ISO (Ø 1.0 mm)  

  • Test tip acc. to VW (3 mm/60°)  

  • Test tip acc. to (0.5 mm/90°)  

  • Test tip acc. to (1.0 mm/90°)  

Equipment for MEK test  

  • MEK-Attachment  

  • Test plugs made of high dense special felt (per 100 pcs.)  

Equipment for Crockmeter test  

  • Test set for MEK test  

  • Crocking cloth (per 1000 pcs.)  

Universal adapter set and accessories

  • Universal Adapter Set  

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