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Laboratory Product > Refractometers

Area of application: Industry/Pharmaceuticals/Laboratory

This model is a simple Abbe refractometer with thermometer and is extremely reliable.
You can evaluate liquid samples, solid samples as well as paste samples.
Key features of this refractometer are its sturdiness and its ease of use.
As an option there is also a beautifully-made aluminium transport and storage box available.
The refraction index nD is measured.

Main areas of application:
  • Sugar industry (raw cane sugar)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Drinks industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Oil industry/Refineries
  • Laboratories
  • Training

 • Aluminium suitcase, dimension: 310x120x240 mm,weight: 1300 g  
• Digital thermometer  
• calibration block for model ORT 1RS  
• Calibration solution Alpha-Bromonaphthalene for model ORT 1RS, Volume: 2,5 ml  

•Included in the scope of supply:
- Calibration solution
- calibration block   
- Pipette
- Screwdriver
- Cleaning cl
•The models in the Kern range are universal, analogue Abbe refractometers
•The practical and robust design means that it can be used simply, efficiently and on a permanent basis, day in day out
•The integrated scale allows it to be used in many application areas and offers the best possible security for being able to read the measuring result accurately                                     


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