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Transportation > IATA 100% Compliant

  • Dry ice PDF Logger for temperatures as low as -95 °C, single use
  • With internal probe - works in direct contact with dry ice
  • Multi-level-alarm (8 ranges) plus duration as alarm criteria
  • Auto expiry date management

Customer need:
  • No cable and software at destination

  • USB
  • Microchip with PDF capability

Measurement parameters      Temperature
Monitoring tasks                 Transport Cold Chain Monitoring : deep frozen or dry ice shipments
Application range                Cool [+2 °C..+8 °C]
                                                       RT / Ambient [+2 °C..+25 °C]
                                                       Warm [+37 °C..+70 °C]
Type of probe Internal     NTC probe
Measurement range         -95 °C..+50 °C
Resolution                              0.1 °
Accuracy                                  ± 0.5 °C [-30.0 °C..+30.0 °C]   
                                                      ± 1.0 °C [+30.1 °C..+50.0 °C]
                                                     ± 0.7 °C [-80.0 °C..-30.1 °C]    
                                                     ± 1.5 °C [-95.0 °C..-80.1 °C]
Alarm                                         On display
Part no                                      102-802065
Connectivity                           USB
Number of channels            1
Case dimension                      96 x 37 x 11 mm  
Case weight                              38 g
ABS plastic material
Recording options and mode Single use: Single use: start / stop mode
Measurement interval 1 to 60 minutes, user programmable
Memory capacity 8’800 measurement values (equals 60 days run time with 10 min interval)
Certificate 12 month certificate with reference to sensor calibration and data logger test results
Start-up delay 0 minutes to 24 h
Display Multifunction LCD, size: 23.5 x 23.5 mm, with large OK and ALARM indicator
Display functionality - Status: Conf, Start, Run, Stop - Current temperature measurement - OK, ALARM or blank - Configuration profile identification
Traceability ID number (traceable to component level)

Data logger configuration :
LiberoCONFIG software to create, store and manage individual settings in a logger profile as well as
additional analysis software
SmartStart, a liberoCONFIG component allowing a safe and quick application of profiles and shipment
information to PDF Logger.
elproVIEWER software to access and export embedded data of PDF report, for data analysis and comprehensive report features.
Both software products downloadable free of charge.

Easy follow up with LiberoMANAGER cold chain database, webbase monitoring system
Report Built-in PDF file generator automatically establishes an evaluation report with embedded data upon connection to a USB port.
Complies with the ISO standard 19005-1 Document Management for the longterm preservation of electronic documents (PDF/A) and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
- Customizable report title and filename
- Text area for additional information (e.g. shipment information, instructions for recipient, etc.)
- Immediate release or quarantine based on alarm status
- Statistics (min/max, average, alarm) and detailed indicator information (ID, configuration, etc.)
- Chart visualizing the temperature curve and alarm limits
Type PDF Logger with multiple alarm levels for direct use in dry ice
Application area Cold Chain Monitoring – deep frozen or dry ice shipments
Programmable alarms :
- 8 temperature alarm levels with single or cumulative delays
- 2 temperature thresholds with alarm delay
- Alarm on duration / run time

Expiry date and battery life - Data logger can be started any time during shelf life of 12 months
- Started data logger runs until memory is full or logger is stopped
- Auto expiry date management: After expiry, display changes status and logger cannot be started anymore
- Long time operating range: -10.0 °C..+50.0 °C for entire shelf life
- Extended operating range: 10 days at -20.0 °C and 10 days at +70.0 °C
- Use beyond the extended operating range can limit the battery

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