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Dampness & Moisture protection

Transportation > Moisture, and Absorber
Protection cargo from dampness and moisture

Waterproof dryers in cloth bags

SORBIS DRY (20x20) OVTM kits made of activated zeolite packaged in bags of particularly durable fabric (Gretta brand) with a loop for fastening


The main area of application of SORBIS DRY OVTM kits is the protection of goods when transported by containers by sea, river or rail.
A single SORBIS DRY kit is enough to protect a 20-foot container from moisture.
It is used in the following areas:
  • the transportation of fertilizers (e.g. wheat gluten);
  • the transportation of metal products (e.g. copper skating) and wood;
  • the transportation of appliances and materials: spare parts, tools, electronics, photographic equipment, optics, building materials, food additives, etc.

Increased absorption capacity (absorbs at least 70% of its own weight)
Does not contain SVHC (dangerous chemicals,  substances of very high concern) and is environmentally friendly, and 100% waterproof.

Desiccant kits protecting cargo during shipping.


Sorbent name                                                                       Activated zeolite
Moisture at relative humidity of 90%,                    70%
25 degrees Celsius, at least
The moisture content of the sorbent, no more    1,5%
Water resistance, %, no less                                            90
Weight of kit, kg                                                                     20
Number of products in one set, piece                       20
Number of clamps in one set, piece                           20
Weight of one product, kg                                                 1
Marking                                                                                        1000g
                                                                                                           SORBIS DRY
                                                                                                           DESICCANT/ ACTIVATED zEOLITE
Dimensions:                                                                                Length: 210 x 5 mm
                                                                                                           width: 160 x 5 mm  
                                                                                                            thickness: 50 x 5 mm
Group packaging                                                                      Plastic bag packed in a corrugated box

How do industrial companies address the issue of preserving the quality of products in transportation and storage?

Transporting copper skating.
When transporting copper skating in containers for 2-3 weeks condenses a large amount of moisture.
The container can account for up to 120 kg. Where does it come from?
From wood pallet for skating and wooden stops, which are fastened coils with a katana in a container, as well as from the atmosphere.
Moisture, getting on copper, oxidizes it and spoils the commercial appearance.
To protect against humidity in coils with copper katana lay 6 drainers SORBIS 219 YOU, weighing 100 grams.
And also complete containers: a 20-foot container of 20 sorbis DRY sinks weighing 1000 g.

Protect wheat gluten when supplied overseas.
Across the entire area of the container, 20 SORBIS DRY sinks weighing 1000 grams are fixed at the top of the container.
The security passport for the waterproof (MSDS) in English is attached to the extreme dryer.
All vents in the container are taped.
The loader operator begins loading into the container of the batch of wheat gluten specified by the storekeeper in accordance with the established loading scheme.
It is not allowed to get moisture on the loaded big bags and in the container while it is loaded through the open doors of the container, on the tires of the loader wheels.
Between the extreme big bags and the container doors, the loader operator displays 4 sheets of padding.
If a chattering bolt sleuth is found in the doorway of the container between the extreme big runs and the doors of the container, we install a wooden crate lined with lining cardboard.
Such precautions and the use of high-quality SORBIS dryers allow to preserve in excellent quality wheat gluten during shipping.

Transporting phenolic antioxidants in shipping containers.
Phenolic antioxidants need to be protected from moisture when stored and transported. By distributing the SORBIS DRY 20x20 waterproof ingesher kit throughout the container, we are confident that the products will be delivered in one piece, safety and quality.
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