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Climatic Chamber

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Climatic Chamber

• Robust construction
• Volumes between 81 and 2000 liters
• Temperature range from -70ºC to+180ºC
• Thermal gradients up to 5ºC/min.
• Easy to install, easy to use and reliable
• Compliance with standards: UNE, DIN, MIL, ISO,…

Climatic tests on specimens can reproduce the climatic conditions of temperature and humidity, which will be subjected during its lifetime.
This will provide for their behavior in environmental conditions of use, transport and storage, pre- venting defective product hits the market.

DYCOMETAL EQUIPOS CONTROL  DE  CALIDAD, S.L.,  the Trademark that has given to their products the commitment that each one of them, depending on its own characteristics, can reproduce faithfully all the environmental conditions that Nature is able to offer to obtain a better Quality of the materials.
• Extremely robust
• Built on a steel tube structure and externally based galvanized steel sheet with oven-dried acrylic paint to RAL-9010.
 • Interior Sheet Stainless Steel AISI 304 (18/8), completely sealed and seamless interior. Door painted according to RAL-9010.
 •  Doors with or without sight glass.
 • Thermal insulation panels composed of semi-rigid polyurethane foam of high density and very low thermal conducti- vity, free of chlorofluorocarbons,
asbestos and lead oxide and mercury as stipulated by the Environmental Regulations concerning the installation of thermal-acoustic insulation.
 • Standard models with capacities from 81 (MINITEST) to 2000 liters.
 • 4 multidirectional castors in the base of the chamber to facilitate the movement, and/or vibration height adjustable support (optional depending on model).
 • Access port made in PVC with seal cap (different diameters).
 • Temperature control by electronic controller with digital read-actual value and setpoint work.
 • Temperature measuring by PT-100 Ohm. DIN Class probes
 • 2 stainless steel shelves
• Programs numbers stored in the memory: 50.
• 500 segments programs.
• Loops number: from 1 to 999 or infinite
• Optimization of work values by PID parameters in cold and heat.
• Direct humidity in%
• Pt-100 probe
•  LED screen with alphanumerical  keyboard that allows visualize the programmed values. The screen has an ergonomic position, switch and controls.
• Temperature and humidity monitoring which allows programming in sections based profiles using ramp and stabilization.
• The system allows you to save in nonvolatile memory all programmed data, not being affected by power failures.
• Setting alarms. Advise when exceeds a safety limit or for some reason there is any deviation from the programmed conditions.
•  Directly reading of the moisture in %HR
•Power  Supply  Voltage  (check  depending  on  the  model phase or three-phase)
• Climatic test Software + PC Cable

Software for monitoring, data logger programming, graphics, alarms and configuration of the instruments.
• Record and storage to file.
• Display of existing file.
• Creation and modification of the programs.
• Obtaining of Temperature and Humidity records in digital files with programming of the record interval.
• Record and storage in a file of Essay historical for real values as well as configured alarms.
• Essay Graphical Representation, X-Y type, that shows in the screen the setpoint and the real values, as well as the configured alarms.
• Essay records available to be converted to ASCII format
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