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Technical characteristics (code 5001)

- Probe with ball indenter 10 mm
- Calibrated test block
- Eyepiece with micrometric scale
- Table for immediate Brinell values on cast iron, carbon steel

Applicable accessories
- Microscope 1216 for more accurate readout of indentations,
- SET of 10 test blocks


- Introduce the test block on the probe hole
- Place the probe on polished test surface
- Strike the top of the probe with the hammer
- Read the indentation on test piece and test block and convert indentations to Brinell values using the tables

Take a look at our Easy Brinell, electonic microscope : the perfect complement to the Percussion



The indentation is created following a single hammer blow on the probe.
• A great tool for very simple and easy Brinell tests
• Large forged and cast iron parts can be checked in 5 seconds
• Very economic

Simple and easy to use.

The economic solution for technician who needs to control by customer or by supplier.

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