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519 Smart
The HYGROTHERM 519 Smart model is equipped with a PLC control unit.
The necessary test parameters are entered via a touch screen display with user-friendly menu navigation, which ensures a fully automatic or manual process for temperature control, bottom-water filling, bottom-water drainage and ventilation.
A flow meter ensures that the preset amount of water is filled exactly.
The HYGROTHERM 519 Smart is equipped with a chamber illumination.
Optionally, the test device can be equipped with a data acquisition and recording system HOBO U12, including software, for recording the test chamber temperature.
With the option "Electronic gas dosing device for sulfur dioxide" (order no. 20440132) tests can be carried out in an atmosphere containing SO2.
Purpose and Application:
HYGROTHERM 519 Smart condensation tester for testing the behavior of corrosion protection systems when exposed to condensation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6270-2.
Suitable for conducting :
  • Test atmosphere CH Condensation atmosphere with constant humidity
  • AHT Condensation atmosphere with alternating humidity and air temperature
  • and AT Condensation atmosphere with alternating air temperature
and also for carrying out tests in an atmosphere containing sulfur dioxide according to DIN EN ISO 6988.
  1. DIN EN ISO 6270-2 CH
  2. DIN 50958
  3. DIN 55991
  4. ISO 11503
  5. ASTM D2247
  6. BS 3900 Part F2
  7. DIN EN ISO 6270-2 AHT
  8. DIN EN ISO 6270-2 AT
  9. ISO 3231
  10. DIN EN ISO 6988
  11. DIN 53771
Scope of delivery:
  • Humidity Cabinet HYGROTHERM 519 Smart
  • 7 specimen carriers
  • 100 S-hooks
Dimensions :
  • (W x D x H) approx. 760 x 620 x 1070 mm
  • inside: approx. 700 x 475 x 680 mm
Net weight approx.                    55 kg
Power supply                                230 V 1~, 50 Hz/700 VA
Test chamber volume               300 l
Capacity for test panels        12 – 100 pcs. (depending on size)
Test chamber temperature   max. 45 °C
Air consumption                          6 m3 /h
Air pressure                                    6 bar

Electric gas dosing unit
Dimensions  W x D x H)           approx. 180 x 110 x 250  mm)
Net weight approx.                    3 kg
Electronic Gas Dosing Unit for sulphur dioxide for tests in SO2  containing atmospheres, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6988, data storage via an included terminal program (USB port); calibrated dosing range 0.2 dm3 and 2.0 dm3 SO2 at 20 °C and 1013 hPa (accuracy:  +/-3% max. relative error.)
on request, at a surcharge - the gas dosing device can be calibrated for dosing an additional gas, e.g. CO2
Optionally, the test device can be equipped with a data acquisition and recording system HOBO U12, including software, for recording the test chamber temperature.
Data logger with 12-bit-resolution, USB interface port, memory for 43,000 readings; including software for recording, monitoring and analysing of data, compatible with WIN 8 and 10.
Dräger PointGard 2100 Detector for toxic gases and oxygen

The Dräger PointGard 2100 is a self-contained gas detection system for the continuous area monitoring of toxic gases in ambient air.
PointGard 2100’s rugged, water-resistant housing comes complete with a horn and strobes, a built-in power supply, and reliable DrägerSensor®.
Dräger PointGard 2100 EC           Toxic gases and oxygen in ambient air

Type                                                              Self-contained gas monitor with alarm devices for general-purpose applications

Measuring ranges                                 Electrochemical (EC) sensor Customized depending on sensor

Display and controls                           LCD display     75 mm/3" backlit graphic LC display
                                                                                                        Selectable red or green illumination, alphanumeric
                                                                        Indicators         3 status LEDs (green/yellow/red)
                                                                        Operation         Through three front mounted push buttons
                                                                        Security              Separate passwords for maintenance and configuration menu
                                                                        Functions          Event and data logger with a capacity of up to 35,000 records
                                                                                                         Warning and error messages displayed in plain text            
                                                                                                         Passwordless bump-test mode inhibits alarms
                                                                                                         Automatic calibration mode for zero and span

Electrical data   Signal output analog         Normal operation       4–20 mA
                                                                                         Maintenance                 Constant 3.4 mA or 4 mA ±1 mA 1 Hz modulation
                                                                                         Fault                                  <1.2 mA
                                    Power supply AC version  Operating voltage            100–240 VAC 50–60 Hz
                                                                                              Nominal power                    6 W
                                                                                              Operating current (max) 0.5 A
                                                                                              Inrush current                       Max. 40 A at 230 VAC 50 Hz
                                     Power supply DC version   Operating voltage             8–30 VDC
                                                                                                 Nominal power                  6 W
                                                                                                 Operating current (max) 2.5 A
                                     Electrical certification   CE rating, IEC/EN 61010-1
                                                                                          Complies with UL 61010-1
                                                                                          Class B device, residential use compliant with ICES-3(B)/ NMB-3(B)
                                     Relay specification    2 alarm relays and 1 fault relay
                                                                                    SPDT contact 5 A @ 230 VAC, 5 A @ 30 VDC, resistance bound
                                                                                    Alarm reset through front-mounted push button
                                     Alarm devices               Variants with amber and red LED strobes activate on 2 alarm levels
                                                                                    variants with green steady light activate red strobe on 1 common alarm level.
                                                                                    Green steady light turns off during alarm or fault condition; optional blue LED strobe
                                                                                    85-105 dB adjustable-volume buzzer with continuous and pulsating tone

Environmental conditions             Temperature (storage)        -20 to +65 °C
(see sensor data sheet)                   Temperature (operation)   -20 to +50 °C/-4 to +122 °F
                                                                        Humidity 0 to 95% r. h., noncondensing
                                                                        Pressure             20.7 to 38.4" Hg/700 to 1,300 hPa

Housing                                                     Material              Glass fiber reinforced polyester (GFRP)
                                                                        Mounting            Wall mount with internal screws or optional SS mounting brackets
                                                                        Housing protection type     IP66; indoor or outdoor use
                                                                        Housing certification             UL 508A/50/50E; CSA C22.2 94.1/94.2/14–13
                                                                        Cable entry point                     3 cable glands, M20
                                                                        Size (L x W x D)                          255 x 280 x 120 mm/10
                                                                         Weight                                          2.5 kg
Ordering Information

Dräger PointGard 2100 | 05 Dräger PointGard 2100 EC (Order EC Sensor Separately)
Dräger PointGard 2100 EC AC Power                                                 83 26 420
Dräger PointGard 2100 EC AC Power w/ green steady light 83 26 426
Dräger PointGard 2100 EC DC Power                                                 83 26 423

Dräger PointGard 2100 EC Accessories
EC Sensing Head Remote Enclosure w/ mount (requires cable) 68 12 684
Remote Cable + Plug (5 m/16')                                                                 83 23 305
Remote Cable + Plug (15 m/49')                                                              83 23 315
Remote Cable + Plug (30 m/100')                                                           83 23 330
Sensor Diagnostics Dongle                                                                          83 17 860
Sensor Test Dongle                                                                                           83 17 619

Electrochemical DrägerSensors
DrägerSensor® AC                                                                                          68 10 595
DrägerSensor® Cl₂                                                                                          68 09 665
DrägerSensor® COCl₂                                                                                   68 09 930
DrägerSensor® CO                                                                                         68 09 605
DrägerSensor® CO LS                                                                                   68 09 620
DrägerSensor® CO LH                                                                                  68 12 570
DrägerSensor® H₂                                                                                            68 09 685
DrägerSensor® H₂O₂ HC                                                                              68 09 675
DrägerSensor® H₂O₂ LC                                                                               68 09 705
DrägerSensor® H₂S LC                                                                                  68 09 610
DrägerSensor® H₂S HC                                                                                68 09 710
DrägerSensor® H₂S                                                                                         68 10 435
DrägerSensor® HCl                                                                                         68 09 640
DrägerSensor® HCN                                                                                      68 09 650
DrägerSensor® HCN LC                                                                               68 13 200
DrägerSensor® Hydrides                                                                             68 09 635
DrägerSensor® Hydrides SC                                                                      68 09 980
DrägerSensor® PH₃/AsH₃                                                                            68 09 695
DrägerSensor® Hydrazine                                                                          68 10 180
DrägerSensor® NH₃ LC                                                                                 68 09 680
DrägerSensor® NH₃ HC                                                                                68 09 645
DrägerSensor® NH₃ TL                                                                                  68 13 095
DrägerSensor® NH₃ FL                                                                                  68 13 260
DrägerSensor® NO LC                                                                                    68 09 625
DrägerSensor® NO₂                                                                                         68 09 655
DrägerSensor® NO₂ LC                                                                                  68 13 205
DrägerSensor® O₃                                                                                             68 14 005
DrägerSensor® O₂ LS                                                                                       68 09 630
DrägerSensor® OV1                                                                                         68 10 740
DrägerSensor® OV2                                                                                         68 10 745
DrägerSensor® SO₂                                                                                           68 09 660

Dräger PointGard 2000 Series Common Accessories
Mounting Bracket Set (not included in Dräger PointGard)          83 26 497
Splash Guard                                                                                                            68 12 510
Calibration Adapter Viton®                                                                           68 10 536 IR
Connection Kit for PC configuration and upgrades                          45 44 197
LED steady light, green                                                                                      83 26 489
LED strobe light, blue                                                                                          83 26 472
AC Power Cable Europe                                                                                    83 26 449

Ready to use out of the box
PointGard is a self-contained gas detection alarm system that is easy to install and commission. Just mount it on a wall and hard wire it to an AC/DC power or plug in the optional AC power cord.
Since the strobes and horn are built in, there is no need to specify and purchase separate alarm output devices.
The pre-calibrated sensor is ready to use.

Detect over 100 toxic gases using DrägerSensors
Electrochemical DrägerSensors provide continuous detection even under the harshest conditions. Most DrägerSensors offer a very wide temperature range from -40 °C to +65 °C (-40 °F to +149 °F). The built-in memory contains all the information relating to calibration and configuration. The sensor is pre-calibrated and ready for immediate operation. An intelligent sensor self-test function allows for predictive maintenance.

Flexible communications
PointGard can accommodate additional external alarm devices through its three built-in relays. In addition, a 4– 20 mA signal output allows integration into a larger gas detection system.

Rugged and compact housing
PointGard’s glass fiber reinforced polyester housing is water and dust resistant with a 4X/IP66 rating. Its compact size allows it easily to fit most applications. Built-in cable glands make it easy to install.

Advanced display with diagnostics
The large, illuminated backlit graphic display shows status information clearly and in a format that's easy to use.
The measured gas concentration, selected gas type, and measuring unit are displayed during normal operation.
Coloured LEDs (green, yellow, and red) provide additional alarm and status information.
Advanced diagnostics log events and gas readings, which can be displayed and a graph created on the display.

Monitor remote areas up to 30 meters away
A remote sensor enclosure with a cable up p to 30 metres long, designed for use in ordinary locations, is available for electrochemical sensors.
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