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Profile Projector

Metrology > Optical measuring system
PV series profile projectors are reliable and affordable measuring system of high precision and efficiency. The optical comparator is widely used in calib ration labs or on the shop f100r as a stand-alone unit. It's also a good choice for general purpose tool room work to measure complex shapes and hole patterns easily and quickly. We have made erect image type to meet different requirements.

Vertical Standard Type Digital Optical Comparator
PV-3000 series (Reverse image)
PV-3000E series (Erect image)

1. Excellent optical measuring system to project precisely magnified image.
2. Accuracy of the contour measuring is under 0.08% .
3. Equipped with Mini-printer and DC-3000 data processing system and foot-switch for measuring.
4. Erect image measuring for different requirements.
Vertical Enhanced Type Digital Optical Comparator
PV-3000A series (Reverse image)
PV-3000AE series (Erect image)

The accuracy of PV-3000 series optical comparator can reach the international level.
1. Max travel distance can be up to 250 x 150 x 100 mm
2. High precision table design can afford load of 50 kgs without affecting the measuring performance.
3. Design with elevation of projecting screen for focusing to ensure stability and high precision.

PV-3000 CE owns high quality optical measuring performance. There is a rotary lens turret which equips with three differen t lens. When working in different magnifications , users can rotate the lens , instead of changing lens individually.
Digital Optical Comparator
PV-30000 Series (Erectimage)
PV-3000DE Series Digital Optical Comparator the Z-axis uses stepper motor drive, electric focusing, simultaneously increasing the count in theZ-axis grating, ladder components can be measured, greatlyi ncreased the performance. In addition, PV-3000DE Series projectors, the lens magnification is complete, customers can measure according to the different objects match different lens.

5XLens Large rvision ; electric Z axis, a better mode of operation.
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Horizontal Type Digital Optical Comparator PH series
1.Helix angle stage adjustable :±15"
2.Heavy-Duty, metal construction
3.Greater range and high accuracy
4.Powerful DRO provides fast geometric computations in asi mple,easy to use format.
Optional chart,  ø400 mm to be used on our PH4025.
Accessories available :
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