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142-20  Universal-Sheet Metal Testing Machine

The Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machine Model 142-20 with electro-hydraulic drive, fully automatic test sequence and switch off at specimen failure, max. drawing force of 200 kN.


This Testing Machine can be used not only to perform effortlessly, quickly and accurately all important and known deep drawing tests for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, but it is also designed for a large number of additional technological investigations like the ERICHSEN Cupping Test and the ERICHSEN Deep Drawing Cup Test on sheet and strip.

Order number: 101-0480231
Relevant attributes are:

  • Square Cup Test (40 x 40 mm),
  • ERICHSEN Cupping Test
  • Bore Expanding Test (KWI Test),
  • Bore Expanding Test (ISO 16630),
  • Deep Drawing Test with Blankholder
  • Quick Release (for Earing Test),
  • Deep Drawing Test with Preselected Punch Stroke,
  • Deep Drawing Test at High Temperatures up to 550 °C,
  • ERICHSEN Cupping Test for Lacquer and Paint in accordance with DIN ISO 1520,
  • Stamping Lacquer Test and Deep Drawing Cup Test on Coil Coatings.
  • Special Requirements on request.
The Testing Machine is driven electro-hydraulically.
The test sequence can be controlled automatically or manually, as desired.
A programmable logic controller is used to control the functions of the machine.
The testing machine is equipped with digital displays for indicating the sheet holder force, the drawing force. as well as the drawing punch stroke.
The triple-acting hydraulic system in conjunction with the general design results in the following cost saving simplifications:
  • Blanking press in the test head
  • Hydraulic cup ejector
  • Fully-automatic test sequence with stop at specimen failure (as of 0.3 mm sheet thickness)

The Sheet Metal Testing Machine, Model 142-Basic, was developed for testing as a means for continuous production control using standardised and other established methods, but also for research into all aspects of testing of sheet metal for deep drawing by studying all that is relevant to sheet metal forming.
Technical Data
Drawing force             142-20 200 kN
Blanking force             142-20 260 kN
Blankholder force     142-20             up to 100 kN
Drawing punch stroke   142-20 approx. 80 mm
Blankholder stroke          approx. 38 mm
Drawing punch dia.          142-20         up to 50 mm
FLC test (drawing punch-ø)      up to 100 mm
Bulge test (bulge-ø)                       up to 100 mm
Blank diameter                    142-20               up to 120 mm
Drawing speed                      142-20 approx. 800 mm/min
Digital displays                     Resolution:
Drawing punch stroke                               0.1 mm (on request 0.01 mm)
Drawing force                                                 0.1 kN
Blankholder force                                         0.1 kN
Mains supply                          400 V / 3 -, 50/60 Hz  (other voltages on request)
Power required                    9.4 kW
Dimensions                            142-20 approx. 2000 x 1120 x 1300 mm
Weight, net                             142-20 approx. 1300 kg
Working material                 approx. 230 l hydraulic oil  (HLP 32 ISO)  

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