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Graphic & Printing Industry > Dispensing and Tinting
Inkmaker is  a world leader in the automatic ink and coatings dispensing technology.
This manual dispensing system is ideal for in-plant operations.
• The system is operated via a computer using Maestro® software
• The software plus a high-resolution scale provide clean and easy ink management with minimum operator input
• The system prompts the operator to select the desired color formula
• The scale is automatically calibrated by the computer
• The computer displays the exact weight of each ingredient for the selected batch and automatically prints a detailed weight summary sheet for each batch
• The computer alerts the operator to any errors and recalculates the formula to correct the error

This compact dispensing system offers an affordable solution for automatic dispensing. It requires little space and it is ideal for small scale production.
• The system enables accurate and instant colour reproduction
• The system is operated via a computer using Maestro® software
•The system is fully automatic and user friendly and delivers precise quantities, thus significantly reducing waste
• A pump carries base components to the dispensing head
•The components are stocked in either fixed or interchangeable 200ltr barrels or 500/ 1000 kg containers
•The system can be figured to fit the space available

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