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Non-destructive Mechanical

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Dry Film Thickness Gauge acc. to Rossmann, Model 233 (REFERENCE CLASS)
measuring range: 0 - 1000 µm

The difference in level between substrate and film surface is gauged by the contact point of the dial indicator.

Measuring range 0-1000 µm in 5 µm divisions.

in accordance with :

  • ISO 2808,

  • ASTM D 1005,

  • BS 3900 : C5

Wet and Dry Film Thickness Gauge acc. to Rossmann, Model 296 (REFERENCE CLASS)

Measuring range 0 - 500 µm.

The difference in level between substrate and film surface is gauged by the contact point of the dial indicator.

Measuring range 0-500 µm in 5 µm divisions.
For measurements on wet films the contact point is raised by means of a knurled screw and then lowered until it touches the surface of the wet film.

in accordance with:

  • EN ISO 2808

  • ASTM D 1005

  • BS 3900 : C5

Coating Thickness Gauge PenTest

Inexpensive instrument using the magnetic pull-off method for rapid non-destructive measurement of non-magnetic layers on steel. Measuring result held mechanically. No electrical supply required.

Measuring range: 25 - 700 µm

Measuring range:1000 µm over 5 pointer revolutions
Accuracy: 1 µm
Scale 0 - 200 µm with 1 µm divisions
Readout accuracy: ± 1 µm
Depth of throat: 30 mm
Size of support face: approx. 6 mm dia., flat,
Net weight, approx.: 100 g

Foil Thickness Gauge, Model 497

To measure the thickness of foils, cards, paper, with and without coating.
Indispensable for scrubbing resistance tests on Leneta foils and for colour and opacity measurements on contrast cards.
The foil thickness measuring instrument is used in two fields:
It may be used to measure the thickness of sheet metal, plastic foil, carton, paper, and other laminates, in a direct manner.
The second and more important application from the point of view of coating material technology is the thickness measurement of coating materials on thin base material previously referred to. If the base material is non-metallic, magnetic or electric, thickness measurement techniques cannot be employed. For nondestructive testing this instrument is the only possible method of measuring differences.
A particularly important field of application for this instrument, for which it can be considered to be essential is the measurement of "Leneta" foils for the scrubbing resistance test in accordance with the German standard DIN 53 778 Part 2 and on black and white contrast cards for colour measurement and hiding power.
(Our instruments for this: Microprocessor Controlled Film Applicator and Drying Time Recorder, Model 509 MC; ERICHSEN-Washability and Scrub Resistance Tester, Model 494; Film Applicators, Models 288, 358, 360, 411, 421; Test Cards, Model 451.)

Measuring Range : 0-50.8mm  
Resolution (switchable)
: 0.00001mm/0.0001mm/0.001mm  
: 0.00005mm  
Measuring Force
: 0.01N (1gf)
Measuring speed
: 2mm/s or 4mm/s High speed 8mm/s
Measuring Function
: UP/Down, MAX/MIN/TIR/ZEROSET/PRESET Positioning memory switch
Parameter Function
: HOLD - inch-metric - Tollerance function (3 or 5 stage tolerance judgement) - Smoothing function - Auto return function - user compensation function
: Foot switch
: SPC cable, RS-232 cable
Power Supply
: AC-Adapter
: 19 kg

Measurement applications
Ideal for highly repeatable and accurate measurements of easily deformable or delicate products.

Precision Measuring Table P 7

The Precision Measuring Table P 7 is sturdily built and accurately finished. Its surface plate is hardened, ground and lapped.
It is separated from the main body resting on three support points.
The carrying arm is adjustable for height on the
vertical column.

The column is hardened and ground.

Measuring capacity : 100 mm
Depth of throat
: 50 mm
: 22 mm
: 50 mm
Holder opening
: 8 mm H7

If desired, the Measuring Table P 7 is also available with special fittings:

  • Measuring Table P 7 with fluting

  • Measuring Table P 7 with measuring ball Ø = 30 mm

  • Measuring Table P 7 with measuring height of 165 mm

  • Measuring Table P 7 with measuring height of 215 mm

  • Measuring Table P 7 with measuring height of 315 mm

  • Measuring Table P 7 with circular support plate of Ø 80 mm

  • Measuring Table P 7 with circular support plate of Ø 90 mm

  • Measuring Table P 7 with adjustable support plate for use as base for table-thickness gauges

Delivery without Dial Gauge.

Compika - Comparator Gauges
The Comparator Gauges Compika offer a high degree of security and precision.
They are based on a solid and well thought-out construction taking into account the latest technology.
They are manufactured by the most up-to-date methods.
The following quality features characterize our manufacturing programme of Comparator Gauges Compika:

  • Their design conforms to the requirements of DIN 879-1. This applies not only to the dimensions but also to permitted spans of error, hysteresis and measuring pressure.  Effective shockproof system
  • Pinions and shafts of the movement are jewelled
  • After removal of the safety cap the adjustment screw on top of the case allows simple and safe zero setting of the instrument over the total measuring range.  A safety cap prevents unintentional turning of the fine adjustment facility.
  • Stem and spindle are made of hardened stainless steel.
  • The measuring spindles are very sensitive on account of their accurate guides.
  • Additional overtravel assists with the insertion of workpieces into the measuring device.
  • The clear scale is shadow free.
  • The red tolerance markers are easy to recognize and to set.
  • On request all our models are available with a reduced pressure of 0.5 N.
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