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High T° Oven

Laboratory Product > Heating
High Temperature Oven    Stainless Steel Interior
The High Temperature Ovens model 21HT are  ideal for all those applications where an  accurate, reliable, and high- performance device is needed, and are  used in research and biological, chemical, and pharmaceutical laboratories.

21HT High Temperature  Ovens are   essential in a  wide range of  tests  and  processes,  such  as   thermostating, polymerization,  heating,  and drying  process, in  stability tests, accelerated ageing tests and sterilization treatments.

Temperature Range from +50°C to +500°C
Control System AGSystem PRO Microprocessor with Double Digital Display.
Intuitive Visualization of all functioning parameters.
Optimized Control Algorithm with PID Actions.
Autotuning Function.
High Temperature MgO Armored Probe.
“Zero Crossing” Solid State Relays.
Timer 99h 59m.
PROGRAM Function with Ramps, Soaks and Repetitions.


External Structure varnished, solvent-free

Internal Chamber  in Stainless Steel AISI 304 with rounded corners

Multi-Layer Ceramic Insulation + Mineral Wool asbestos-free

Insulated door with High-Temperature Silicone Gaskets

Forced Air System dynamic and uniform

Air Vent Regulation  ideal for Probes Insertion
Safety Devices:
Fuses for complete system protection
Safety Main Switch
Integrated Alarms Management System Adjustable Set Point Threshold System Safety Thermostat, Class 3.1 - DIN12880
Standard Equipment:
N°01 Instruction Manual N°01 CE Certificate
N°01 FGW Warranty Certificate
N°01 Calibration Certificate at +300°C N°02 Adjustable and Extractable Shelves N°01 Vent Hole with lid

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