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Laboratory dissolvers - MIxers

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DISPERMILL DISCOVERY®  Laboratory Dissolver

The New Dispermill multifunctional Laboratory Dissolver of the Discovery line is a excellent user friendly machine for research and development of Coatings, Paints, Inks, Adhesives, Sealants, Cosmetics, Pigments, Pastes and Chemicals.
Dispersing, Mixing and Grinding of solids into liquids or liquids with liquids. Whether the liquid is Low, Middle or High Viscosity.
All process tasks can be done with one of our Dispermill machines at your choice. You can change every Dispermill machine with the following options : Vacuum/Scraper, Grinding /Basketmill, Mixer or Rotor Stator. Results can be scaled up for production

The powerful performance motor and PID electronics maintains its selected speed, independent of changes in viscosity and this guaranties an optimum dispersion process.

The modern stainless electronic stand is very comfortable in height adjustable.

Stainless steel food easy to clean.

New industrial colour operating panel with data storage option.

New Features
  • Compact Full color LCD screen integrated on front.
  • Multi Jog LED Interface knob, to give much faster control on the menu:
  • Adjustable Timer with automatic stop
  • Speed control starting from zero.
  • Readout of Ampere.
  • Readout of product temperature.
  • New attractive design.

DISPERMILL DISCOVERY®  Laboratory Dissolver : the family

The Nr. 1 allround dissolver

Dispermill Discovery® 100
from 100 ml - 10 liter
0,75 kW / 1,0 HP
0-12.000 RPM
1,3 Nm
230 Volt/50 Hz +/-10%
weight 55 KG
470x470x715/990mm. H
DISPERMILL DISCOVERY®  Laboratory Dissolver : the family

High Viscosity dissolver/mixer

Dispermill Discovery® 200
from 250 ml - 25 liter
1,5 kW / 2,0 HP
0-10.000 RPM
2,73 Nm
230 Volt/50 Hz +/-10%
weight 68 KG
485x506x846/1276 mm. H
DISPERMILL DISCOVERY®  Laboratory Dissolver : the family

Universal dissolver till 25 Liter

Dispermill Discovery® 300
from 250 ml - 25 liter
2,35 kW / 3,0 HP
0-4.500 RPM
7,6 Nm
400 Volt/50 Hz +/-10%
weight 70 KG
485x506x846/1276 mm. H
Dispermill Discovery® 100
Reference :        131-10-5100
Volume range :   Dispermill vessels from 100 ml. up to 10 liter
Power :              0,75 kW / 1 HP
Supply :              230V +/- 10%  50/60Hz
Cooling :             forced cooling, by low noise ventilator
Speed :               from 0 till 12.000 RPM  infinite adjustable
                         By integrated frequency inverter
Torque :             1,3 Nm
Thermal protection : motor and electronics has overloading protection by ptc temperature sensors
Plug and Play :   The dissolver will be delivered including 1.5 meter power cord with plug

Height adjustment : Electronic adjustable by ergonomic lever.
                            Speed up and speed down 3 cm./sec.
• max. operating height
• required lowest position for best vortex flow.
Stand Column :        New compact design,  electronic stand in solid stainless steel chemical resistant, flush and easy to clean.
Central clamping system : Two clamping arms with vessel detection and safety switch
Suitable for containers : from *100 ml till 10 litre. (*adaptor required)
Diameter container : from 70 mm till 260 mm.
Max height container : 280 mm.

Dissolver shaft : Dissolver shaft in stainless Steel, the dissolver bearing house is provided with double bearings.
Dispersing disc : in stainless steel, 70 mm. interchangeable

Dispermill Discovery® 100
Colours : Engine hood: RAL 5015 blue, Front stand RAL 9016 white
Dimensions : 470 x 470 x 715/990 mm. (D x W x H)
Weight : 55 KG
Digital Control panel :    Improved controls to monitor all your processes in one screen.
                                  Compact Dispermill 5 inch TFT colour touch panel.
                                  The control panel is placed on the right side of the stand.    
                                  screen in tempered glass, easy to clean.
Multi-jog wheel  :          Rotary selector for speed/time/disc/settings alarms.
Countdown Timer :        Adjustable from 1 minute till 10 hours.
                                   automatic stop after preselected time.

Readout                        *     True shaft speed, constant rpm
                                   • Timer 1 minute - 10 hours. with automatic stop
                                   • Power consumption in Watt
                                   • Torque
                                   • Size dispersing disc in mm.
                                   • Tipspeed / calculation of peripheral speed in m./sec.
                                   • Temperature in °C or °F with optional PT100 temperature sensor
                                                  - Safety program of setpoint temperature with automatic stop
                                                  - Acoustic alarm.
                                    • Readout of actual position of the dissolver disc measured from the table till dispersing disc. (height measurement) in mm.
Safety CE :                     Conformity Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery
Shaft guarding   :            Removable stainless steel shaft protector
Emergency Stop :            Red push button
Interlocks :                     On vessel detection and vertical position of the machine
                                     The interlock of vertical position is adjustable for small and large vessels
1345-12-1021        PT100 temperature sensor including adjustable vessel holder
134-12-1029          Removable telescopic shaft protector in stainless steel for Discovery 100

Laboratory Dissolvers and Pilot Dissolvers, Mixers and Mills.
Dispermill® Laboratory Dissolvers

  • Compact Full color LCD screen integrated on front.
  • Multi Jog LED Interface knob, to give much faster control on the menu:
  • Adjustable Timer with automatic stop
  • Speed control starting from zero.
  • Readout of Ampere.
  • Readout of product temperature.
  • New attractive design.
  • Ergonomic lifting handle.

Smallest high speed laboratory dissolver
  • from 100 ml - 3 liter
  • 0,30 kW / 0,4 HP
  • 0 -10.000 RPM
  • 0,5 Nm
  • 230 Volt/50 Hz +/-10%
  • weight 26 KG
  • 500x360x710mm. H

Dispermill Pilot Dissolvers with floorstand

The Dispermill® Floormodel can produce outstanding results on most applications.
Low noise drive system with continuous adjustable speed.
PID electronics ensures constant speed even when viscosity changes.

Dispermill® Flame Proof Dissolvers

Explosion Proof Dissolvers with adjustable quick fit clamping devices, continues readout of Speed on clear digital blue display.
Complete Stainless steel stand, with very smooth action lifting device.
Model H-400 with floorstand

  • from 15 liter till 150 liter
  • 4,0 kW
  • 0-4.000 RPM
  • Dispersing Disc 175 mm.
  • 400 Volt/50 Hz +/-10%
  • Weight 200 KG
  • 750x610x1759mm. H
Model  X-Proof HX-400  

  • from 15 liter till 150 liter
  • 4,0 kW
  • 0-4.000 RPM
  • Dispersing Disc 175 mm.
  • 400 Volt/50 Hz +/-10%
  • Weight 200 KG
  • 750x610x1759mm. H

Dispermill® Dissolver from 60 liter - 500 liter


  • from 60 liter till 500 liter
  • from 4 kW till 11 kW
  • 250-2.500 RPM
  • 400 Volt +/-10%
  • weight 500 KG - 1000 KG
  • 800 x1000 x 3350mm. H

Dispermill® Vacuum Dissolvers

Several product require processing under vacuum.
For this purpose we supply and excecelent vacuum kit which is easy to fit onto a Dispermill machine.
All vacuumdissolvers will be supplied with special vacuumlid, vacuummeter two inspection windows and one porthole.

Dispermill® Basket Mill

A Basket Mill combines mixing and milling achieving maximum particle size distribution, increasing production efficiency, and producing extraordinary quality!
The Patented system uses circulation milling technology by rapidly pumping the slurry through the media field.
Dispermill Immersion mill
With its innovative technology the Immersion mill combines mixing and milling achieving optimum particle size distribution, increasing production efficiency, and producing extraordinary quality. Immersion milling is a revolution processing technology that defies comparison. Its unique design and method of operation surpass all other systems, enabling the entire milling process to take place within a single milling chamber.

Traditional milling is slow due to the low velocity of the feedstock passing through the shear zone.
To increase velocity, the intensity of the shear zone must be decreased.
Immersion milling works in an entirely different way.
Products are passed through an aggressive shear zone at very high velocity: as fast as 50 passes per hour.
This produces very narrow particle size distributions and decreases the bead to product ratio necessary for efficient milling.

  • Tighter particle distribution
  • Faster processing times
  • Easy cleaning
  • Media efficient - Do more with less
  • Homogeneous batch development

Part                                                                                                       Micromill                            Quartermill
Hardened screen 0.13 mm                                                    131-21-2131                N/A
Hardened screen 0.27 mm                                                    131-21-1535              131-21-1750
Hardened screen 0.50 mm                                                    131-21-1163              131-21-1751
Bushing                                                                                             131-21-1162             131-23-10042
Peg (for the Micromill the peg is fixed in the hub )  131-21-1164              131-21-1743
Peg hub assembly                                                                        N/A                                   131-24-1602
Rotating lowershaft (for connecting to the peg/hub) 131-21-1107       131-21-1747
Counterpegs insert                                                                    N/A                                   131-21-1749
Pumper blade                                                                                131-30-1119              131-21-1744
Turbo blade                                                                                    131-30-1118              131-21-1745
Marine impeller blade                                                             131-30-1117              131-21-1746
High Speed Planetary Mixer
This new line of high shear centrifugal mixers has both dual speeds and vacuum versions.
The Dispermill® High speed Mixer performs the best homogenous mass of the best quality in a short time
  • Removing Airbubbles from your product by centrifugal force and container rotation adjustment.
  • Make it possible to perform uniform mixture between different  raw materials and liquids with different specific gravity.
  • Even materials with extreme high viscosities of thousands of mPa.s can be done very easily with one of the Dispermill® machines.

Examples of applied materials:
Epoxy resin, Silicone resin, Acrylic resin, Urethane resin, Polyimide, Wax, Grease, Lubricant, Oil, Various solvents, Silver powder, Gold powder, Copper powder, Carbon, Aluminum Pigment, Phosphor, Calcium carbonate, Tungsten, Titanium, Glass powder, Colorants.
New Features
Optimized Control System with New improved user friendly Software and clear data display integrated on top of the mixer. Easy control menu:
•Adjustable Timer with automatic stop.
•Speed control both for Rotation and Revolution Independent!
•Setting programs
•Setting steps
•Setting vacuum

Use disposable containers !
◦Conductive, resistance and insulating paste
◦Condenser resistor rechargeable battery fuel battery solar cell
◦Resist and plugging inks for PCB
◦Green sheet
◦Thermally conductive sheet
◦Thermal insulation material
◦Optical fiber cable
◦Carbon nanotube
◦Abrasive material
◦Abrasion of small precision part
◦Colourant Paste
◦Encapsulating and sealing material for touch panel
◦Various paste
◦Materials for various films and membranes medical
◦Pharmaceutical and dental products
◦Coating materials for lens
◦Color matching for printing ink and paint
◦Various sealing materials
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