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Digital Multimeters

Metrology > Measuring
MM65-MM66 Series - Digital Multimeters

  • With Inductive Charging Feature (MM66 series) which is Eco-friendly (no disposable batteries are needed) and convenience to use
  • Input Jack Indicators which helps to remind users to plug-in the correct jacks
  • Using Vertical Alignment Display (MM66 series) allows :
      1) Larger viewing angle;
      2) Faster response;
      3) Sharper Contrast;
      4) Easier read under strong light.
In addition to the standard digital multimeter features, the 65E & 66E also offer :
  1. non-contact voltage detector for safely senses electrical sources;
  2. live wire detection;
  3. input jack indicators to remind users to plug-in the correct jacks;
  4. frequency measurement;
  5. temperature measurement.

For the MM66E it deployed :
  • vertical alignment display which provide large viewing angles, fast response, sharp contrast and easily read under strong light;
  • inductive charging which is environmental friendly and convenience to use
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