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Special Thermometers

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Special  Thermometers

Adjustable Contact Thermometers with Rotary Setting Magnet,
standard cap, milk glass scale, Hg filling, capillary yellow backed, upper part 245x18-19mm.
Adjustable contact thermometers, as above, but with short upper part: 135x18-19mm also available

Adjustable contact thermometers are available in the following types:                                                    

  • DIN-caps instead of standard caps.
  • Safety mounting according to DIN 12 878, protection class 2, safety shut-down in case of interference or breakage of thermometer.
  • Two-pin moulded caps with femate plug and cord of 40cm instead of standard cap.                       

Brewery control thermometers, e.g. large tube hydrometers, beer boiling and sweet wort hydrometers, pocket saccharometers.

Indoor and Outdoor Thermometers, Barometers, Hygrometers, Weather Stations,
suitable for government testing and government tested with verification certificate, as Maximum-Minimum thermometer, indication type with red or blue filling and mercury blue reflecting and dial types (bimetal), on wooden or plastic base.
Clinical Thermometer, Digital,
+ 32 + 42 : 0,1°C, water proof with signal, CE-tested.
Catalogue number : F700001

Clinical thermometer, glass,
enclosed scale, + 35 + 42 : 0,1°C, CE-tested, c. 130mm long.
Catalogue number : F700231

Veterinary medical thermometer,
glass, oval enclosed scale, CE-tested, c. 140mm long.
Catalogue number : F700231


Freeze, refrigerator plastic thermometer.
Measuring range : -40°C ... + 40°C
Display : 1°C

Sold by 6 units minimum
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