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Color Viewing Light
To predict and avoid potential color matching issues in visual assessment of colored surfaces and materials, including paints, fabrics, ceramics, metals, plastics and paper, the use of color matching devices equipped with multiple illuminants is indispensable. Such devices are often employed in application areas such as:
  • Research and development
  • Product management
  • Procurement & Supplier specifications
  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Manufacturing process control
  • Quality assurance
  • Technical, Sales and Customer support

The range of industries requiring precise color assessments for such applications is quite broad and often subject to international standards. Exemplary industries include:
Automotive & Aerospace
Biological & Pharmaceuticals
Food and Agriculture
Paints, coatings, finishes
Paper and packaging
Textiles & Fabrics
Multiple illuminants for metamerism assessment

To visualize the effects of metamerism, two products or color samples should be viewed and matched under different illuminants (at least three), ideally with identical viewing geometries and variables. The CIE illuminants D65 (average daylight from the northern sky), A (incandescent lamp), TL84/F11 (store lighting) and D50 (noon daylight) are very often used for this purpose.

Metamerism is efficiently simulated with a viewing booth or luminaire equipped with multiple, switchable light sources. Within a standardized viewing area, samples should be positioned closely alongside each other to support detection of slight color differences. Color changes due to optical brightening agents, security films and fluorescent products are more readily detected when the light source incorporates a switchable, additional UV-A source with a 365 nm peak wavelength.

LED solutions for simulating multiple illuminants

Increasingly, LED light sources are being used in general lighting, either as retrofits or in place of conventional light sources such as fluorescent, halogen or incandescent lamps. The challenge this presents is the spectral distribution of LEDs differs substantially from all other light sources and, as a result, the visual perception of colors viewed by them changes.

The accurate simulation of LED viewing conditions requires LEDs, and JUST offers multiple products incorporating LED technologies that simulates both other LEDs and the standard illuminants (e.g. A, D50, D65, etc.).

Standard illuminants

Illum. Color T°                 Definition                         Application                            Area of application
A            2856 kelvin       Incandescent                 lighting  Home                                     Europe, USA
D50      5000 kelvin       CIE defined daylight   Color matching graphic arts       Europe, USA
D65      6500 kelvin       CIE defined                      Color matching                                   Europe, USA
                                                 northern daylight        manufacturing industry
D75      7500 kelvin        Daylight                            Color matching manufacturing                    USA
                                                                                                 industry in the US (not used anymore)
F10       5000 kelvin         Fluorescent lamp       Offices, Showrooms, Exhibitions                 USA
                                                  similar to daylight
F11       4100 kelvin        Fluorescent lamp        Offices, Showrooms, Exhibitions            Europe
                                                  (formerly TL84 and U41)
F12       3000 kelvin         Fluorescent lamp          Home                                                                            USA
                                                   (formerly TL83 and U30)
F2         4150 kelvin          Fluorescent lamp          Offices, Showrooms, Exhibitions                  USA
                                                   (formerly CWF)
Horizon  2300 kelvin     Fluorescent lamp           Simulation of dawn                                              USA
                                                   (formerly WWF)
UV-A radiator                   Fluorescent lamp            Detection of optical brighteners   Europe, USA
                                                  (peak wavelength 365 nm)

The viewing booths “BASIC” provide a reliable color assessment between three, four or five illuminants. The illuminants are switched on/off by a switch and the lamp‘s operating life is monitored by a digital hour meter. The compact design of the BASIC Color Viewing Light makes it suitable for small to medium-sized samples, irrespective of the material or intended purpose.
  • Cost-effective entry-level class
  • A choice of 3, 4 or 5 illuminants
  • Digital hour meter for D65
  • Compact design

Color Viewing Light 3 BASIC
Illumination area*: 64 x 33 x 36 cm
Outside dimensions* : 70 x 47 x 43
Illuminants : D65 - A - TL84
* (W x H x D

Color Viewing Light 4 BASIC
Illumination area* : 64 x 33 x 36 cm                             
Outside dimensions*: 70 x 47 x 43
Illuminants : D65 - A - TL84 +UV-A
*(W x  H x D)

Color Viewing Light 5 BASIC
Illumination area* : 64 x 33 x 36 cm
Outside dimensions*: 70 x 47 x 43
Illuminants : D65 - A - TL84 +UV-A + D50
*(W x  H x D)
Color Viewing Light ADVANCED
In the ADVANCED version a sequential order of illuminants can be saved for a recurring matching process. It can also provide mixed light when several light sources are triggered at the same time.
  • 5 illuminants*: D65, D50, TL84, A, UV
  • User-friendly Electronic Control Panel
  • Digital hour meter for all illuminants
  • Mixed light function
  • Storage for 1 light sequence
  • 5 different sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Color Viewing Light S ADVANCED
Illumination area* : 64 x 33 x 36 cm
Illuminants : D50 - D65 - A - TL84 - UV-A
*(W x  H x D)

Color Viewing Light M ADVANCED
Illumination area*: 75 x 41 x 51 cm
Illuminants : D50 - D65 - A - TL84 - UV-A
*(W x  H x D)

Color Viewing Light L ADVANCED
Illumination area*: 125 x 53 x 54 cm
Illuminants : D50 - D65 - A - TL84 - UV-A
*(W x  H x D)

Color Viewing Light XL ADVANCED
Illumination area*: 155 x 76 x 54 cm
Illuminants : D50 - D65 - A - TL84 - UV-A
*(W x  H x D)

Color Viewing Light XXL ADVANCED
Illumination area (W x  H x D): 114 x 80 x 83 cm
Illuminants : D50 - D65 - A - TL84 - UV-A
*(W x  H x D)
Color Viewing Light PROFESSIONAL
The professional version offers many additional features. Illuminants can be dimmed and detailed reports on the matching process can be compiled. This means that all viewing booth parameters such as operating hours, selected illuminant and dimming level can
be recorded in a log report, ensuring a possible repeat of the matching process at a later time. The viewing booth can also be operated remotely via a web-based remote control application and LAN connection by smartphones and Tablet-PCs.

  • Dimmable light of all illuminants (except A)
  • LAN connection
  • Web-based remote control application for
  • smartphones and Tablet-PCs
  • Reporting function
  • Storable brightness value
  • 5 illuminants*: D65, D50, TL84, A, UV
  • User-friendly Electronic Control Panel
  • Digital hour meter for all illuminants
  • Mixed light function
  • Storage for several light sequences
The remote-app can be used to easily select the illuminant via a laptop or smartphone and specify the automatic matching processes. In addition, the viewing booth can be turned on remotely with the browser so that it is immediately available after the warm-up period.

Color Viewing Light S PROFESSIONAL
Illumination area* : 64 x 33 x 36 cm
Illuminants : D50 - D65 - A - TL84 - UV-A
*(W x  H x D)

Color Viewing Light PROFESSIONAL
Illumination area*: 125 x 53 x 54 cm
Illuminants : D50 - D65 - A - TL84 - UV-A
*(W x  H x D)

Color Viewing Light M PROFESSIONAL
Illumination area*: 75 x 41 x 51 cm
Illuminants : D50 - D65 - A - TL84 - UV-A
*(W x  H x D)

Color Viewing Light XL PROFESSIONAL
Illumination area*: 155 x 76 x 54 cm
Illuminants : D50 - D65 - A - TL84 - UV-A
*(W x  H x D)

Color Viewing Light XXL PROFESSIONAL
Illumination area*: 114 x 80 x 83 cm
Illuminants : D50 - D65 - A - TL84 - UV-A
*(W x  H x D)
LED Color Viewing Light

Precise evaluation of colors, surfaces and materials.

LED Technology – Innovation forVisual Color Evaluation
Reproducing an exact color match between a proof or original samples of textiles, plastic parts, lacquered parts, automotive interiors or a print is essential to fulfilling the stricter quality control requirements demanded by today’s clientele. Additional requirements include reducing costs while maintaining consistent color quality throughout the reproduction processes.

While controlling quality with measuring devices is an important step to the reproduction process, it cannot be the only step toward achieving a visual color match!
The biggest influence on matching colors visually is illumination. Incorrect illumination leads to inferior or incorrect results and costly customer complaints throughout the production process.
The Solution: JUST LED Technology JUST Normlicht has now successfully developed a multispectral LED illuminant (Pat. Pend.) that is able to reproduce many different light spectrums with great accuracy. This multispectral LED illuminant can simulate many standard illuminants including D50, D65, A, C, D55, D75 and virtually any other light source with an unmatched spectral accuracy.
Continuous Quality
JUST Normlicht guarantees consistent spectral properties of each multispectral LED illuminant for 25,000 hours.
The unique JUST LED calibration method (Pat. Pend.) enables the ability to replace individual LED illuminants throughout the lifespan of the unit creating the reliability and consistency required for sophisticated industrial applications.

Long term economic benefits
The lifetime of the JUST LED Illuminants is 10 x longer than the traditional fluorescent tube technology currently used in the visual appraisal of color. Furthermore, the spectral consistency of the JUST LED Illuminant over this lifespan reduces costs associated with the degradation of the fluorescent tubes. Cost savings are realized by eliminating the purchase of replacement tubes, the labor required to replace these tubes and the time spent continually adjusting your color based on the slow, steady color shift of all fluorescent tubes.
Color space bigger than sRGB

With the development of this unique multispectral JUST LED Illuminant the available color space of replicable colors of light is larger that the sRGB color space of many high-end LCD monitors. Furthermore, the multispectral JUST LED Illuminant provides the ability for the light spectra to be created in a high quality fashion that is suitable for any application including color critical manufacturing processes such as paints, plastics, coatings and etcetera.
JUST LED colorControl are offered in 3 configurations :

1 st Basic : 3 pre-programmed light sources with manual switching and dimming with the built-in control panel.
2 nd Advanced : Includes »adJUST LEDcontrol advanced« software for creating and selecting additional light sources in the available
color space (newly created light sources cannot be stored).
3rd Professional : Includes »adJUST LEDcontrol professional« software for unlimited creation of new light sources. New light sources can be saved to computer and up to 10 illuminants can be programmed into the viewing booth for manual selection with the built in control panel.

LED Color Viewing Light S
Illumination area* : 33 x 38 x 36 cm
(W x H x D)

LED Color Viewing Light M
Illumination area*: 65 x 38 x 36 cm
* (W x H x D)

LED Color Viewing Light M HYBRID
Illumination area*: 65 x 38 x 36 cm
Special features: TL84 (F11)
* (W x H x D)

LED Color Viewing Light XL HYBRID
Illumination area*): 95 x 64 x 73 cm
Special features: TL84 (F11)
* (W x H x D
Color Vision Viewer

with three different light chambers for testing color shifts on identical samples.
Illuminants : TL84 (F11) - A - D65
Illumination area (W x  H x D): je 20 x 48 cm
Garment Viewing Booth

Illumination area (W x H x D): 115 x 165 x 60 cm
Illuminants : D50 - D65 - A - TL84 - UV-A
Color Control Center multiLight

The new Color Control Center multiLight with four light modules for visual color assessment and detection of metameric effects.
The versatile multiLight color viewing light is specifically designed for color matching of large items and surface areas. It is a complete system that creates a standards-conformant viewing environment without the need to construct a room.
Up to three illuminants can be configured from a choice of five (D65, D50, TL84, A, UV). With support for a virtually unlimited number of lights in series, the system can be scale to illuminate entire rooms under defined lighting conditions.

Dimension :
  • Color Control Center multiLight
      Illumination area (W x H x D): 325 x 280 x 235 cm
Application Areas

JUST Normlicht multiLight color viewing lights are used for the visual assessment of colors and surfaces in numerous industrial sectors:
  • Automotive, Aerospace
  • Furniture
  • Textiles, Clothing
  • Paints, Coatings, and Plastics
  • Ceramics
  • Cosmetics, Fashion, Retail
  • Printing and Reprographics
  • All industries where the critical assessment of colors and surfaces is essential
multiLight PROFESSIONAL connect

Any number of color viewing lights are operated either directly via the external Electronic Control Panel or remotely via
WiFi through the supplied remote app using a PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Lamp housing made of aluminum profile, silver-anodized, 124 x 80 x 16 cm
  • Symmetrical light distribution for reflection-free color matching
  • Maximum output for high illuminance
  • Fitted with 2–3 illuminants for detection of metamerism:
– D65 daylight 6500 kelvin, illuminance 2000/3500 lux
– D50 daylight 5000 kelvin, illuminance 2000/3500 lux
– TL84 / F11 store light 4000 kelvin, illuminance 2000/3500 lux
– A incandescent/halogen light 2856 kelvin, illuminance 2800 lux (with cooling fan)
– Illuminance at a height of 1m above ground level
  • Compliant with ISO 3668; DIN6173-2, and VDA 280 parts 8B, 8C ƒƒ
  • JUST daylight 5000 proGraphic and JUST daylight 6500 proIndustry lamps ensure a precise simulation of daylight illuminants of the quality grade BC (min.) according to CIE 51.2
– measurement log and certificate are included ƒƒmittant
  • No reflection of lamps on matching samples
  • Homogeneous illumination by means of prismatic lenses, UV-transmittant
  • Digital hour meter for all illuminants, with notification if a lamp needs to be replaced

Power consumption:
4 kW from multiLight Center when fitted with all 4 color viewing lights
Power supply:
16 A, 3~, either via red CEE plug or direct installation

  • Modern SPS control system in external housing
  • Control an unlimited number of lights
  • Operation via Electronic Control Panel
  • Via WiFi with the system’s remote control using a PC, tablet, or smartphone (Remote application)
  • 10 freely programmable matching sequences
  • Illuminants D65, D50, and TL84 are dimmable
  • Options for the automatic creation of matching logs
  • Mixed light conditions can be unlocked if required

Manual control unit with socket available

  • Viewing booth dimensions 325 x 235 x 280 cm (W x D x H) with top panel for complete ambient light exclusion
  • Framework of easy-to-assemble, solid aluminum profiles (80 mm square profiles)
  • Available surrounds include lightweight removable sliding doors, solid walls, or opaque curtains with a neutral gray finish.
  • Can be fitted with up to 4 multiLight lamps

  • Light table 200 x 90 cm, doublepedestal table with neutral gray worktop
– Optional equipment: Motorized height adjustment from 68 to 118 cm (triple memory)
– Continuous gas-spring height adjustment from 83 to 114 cm
– Continuous gas-spring height and slant adjustment (up to 85°) from 83 to 114 cm
  • Further table sizes available upon request
Symmetrical or asymmetrical light design?

JUST color proof lights fundamentally offer a choice between a symmetrical or an asymmetrical light design. In a modern, symmetrical light, the rays of light are directed onto the viewing surface in diagonal, cross-over fashion ("cross-symmetrical").

As a result, the observer's position is of no importance. He sees the same thing from all sides. In contrast to conventional, symmetrical systems, which guide the light directly onto the viewing surface in all directions, glare and reflections are almost entirely avoided. This solution is generally used in conference rooms.

The latest generation of asymmetrical systems offers even better characteristics as regards glare and reflections. So, if possible, preference should be given to a color proof light with asymmetrical light design, since the rays of light are then not deflected towards the observer. In this case, viewing is performed from one side. Consequently, all viewing stations from JUST Normlicht are equipped with an asymmetrical light, since viewing is only performed from one side on these devices.

How do you identify the light design of a color proof light?
Products with the letters "AS" are asymmetrical lights (for viewing from one side), while those with the letters "CS" are symmetrical lights (for viewing from several sides).

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