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Digital signal processing

SIDSP®-Technology – Brand new Worldwide
Intelligent, digital Coating Thickness Sensors

Analogue signal processing has served its time  

Digital signal processing is the future

What is SIDSP®?
SIDSP®is a world wide leading technology for coating thickness sensors developed by ElektroPhysik. With this new technology, ElektroPhysik has set another new benchmark for innovative coating thickness measurement.
SIDSP®stands for Sensor-Integrated Digital Signal Processing – a technology where the signals are completely processed into digital form inside the sensor at the time and point of measurement. SIDSP®sensors are manufactured according to completely new state-of-the-art production techniques.

How does SIDSP®work?
Unlike conventional techniques, the SIDSP®sensors create and control the excitation signals for the sensor head inside the sensor. The return signals are directly digitally converted and processed at a 32 bits accuracy to give you the complete coating thickness value. For this  technique, highly sophisticated methods of digital signal processing are used as known
from modern telecommunication technologies (mobile phone net works) such as digital filters, base band converting, averaging, stochastic analysis, etc. This enables ElektroPhysik to achieve a signal quality and precision unmatched so far with analogue signal processing.
The thickness value is digitally transmitted via the sensor cable to the display unit.
Setting a new standard in coating thickness measurement, this technology offers decisive advantages and improvements compared to the commonly used analogue sensors.

Why choosing SIDSP®?
SIDSP®sensors display extremely high interference immunity
Anything that has to do with measuring signals will be handled by SIDSP®in direct proximity to the sensor head. No more interference during transmission of the measuring signals via a sensor cable – because with SIDSP®there is no measuring signal transmission taking place via the sensor cable. The sensor cable only supplies power to the sensor and serves as a communication inter face transmitting the coating thickness values to the display unit –in digital form. Even if your application requires an extremely long cable – no problem – the increased immunity to inference remains with long cable extensions.

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