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Operating mode :               Colour measurement of optically clear liquids     
Colour value system :         
DIN 6162 iodine colour value     
                                      ISO 6271 Pt/CO- (Hazen, APHA) colour value     
                                      ISO 4630 Gardner colour value     
                                      ASTM D 156 Saybolt colour value     
                                      ASTM D 1500 Mineral oil colour value     
Wavelength range
:            400–700 nm in 20 nm steps     
Photometric accuracy
:       5 mAbs from 0.0 to 0.5 Abs; 1 % at 0.5 to 2.0 Abs     
Beam path
:                       Halogen lamp 6 V / 10 W, reference beam technology     
Cuvette sizes
:                   11 mm round, 10 mm and 50 mm rectangular     
Cuvette identification
:         Automatic with calibration memory     
:                            High resolution 5.7 inch LCD touchscreen (320 × 240 pixel)     
Data storage
:                     200 measured colour values     
:                                 1 × USB type A for memory stick, printer, keyboard, barcode scanner     
                                       1 × USB type B for PC     
Ingress protection rating
:     IP 41     
Power requirement
:           100–240 V, 47–63 Hz, 30 VA
Battery (optional) :               Lithium, 11 V, 4,400 mAh, for at least 300 measurements in 8 hours     
Dimensions, weight
:            (W × H × D) 220 × 135 × 330 mm; 4 kg     

LICO 150: measures five colour scales on-site
IODINE     PT/CO      SAYBOLT      GARDNER      ASTM D 1500
Assured colour quality in production environments
Reproducible colour values are an important factor in quality assurance, e.g. dye, paint industries and the petrochemical sector. LICO 150 is a portable colorimeter.
Its high quality optical system ensures exact and reproducible measured values.
Once  a value has been measured on site, it can be called up at any time in all five ISO/ASTM colour scales.

The colorimeter is designed to offer
maximum handling in production environments.
With intuitive input via a touchscreen, calibration memory for every type of cuvette, and data storage
capacity for 200 measurements.
LICO 150 can be fitted with a powerful
lithium battery for on-site use.
Simple: large touchscreen
with intuitive user guidance
Error-safe: reference beam
technology and cuvette identification
Reliable: automatic
calibration reminder and self-testing
Portable: optional battery
allows the colorimeter to be used anywhere

Article no. :                      LMV186.99.00001    

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