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Lico Spectral Colorimeter
Hach's Lico is a high-performance Spectral Colorimeter for professional colour measurements of clear, transparent liquids with reference beam technology. More than 25 colour scales are included (Lico 690 only).

Exact colour calculations which conform to several DIN-ISO-ASTM standards or AOCS Methods are done with only one measurement. Traditional visual colour values like the iodine colour value, Hazen or Gardner are displayed as well as modern colour systems, e.g. CIE-L*a*b* or colour measurements corresponding to European or US pharmacopeia.
Also transmission, extinction measurements and wavelength scans are possible so that the instrument has a multi purpose in the laboratory or production. The intuitive operation by a high-resolution touchscreen makes measuring easy in routine analysis. The measuring results can easily be transfered to an existing laboratory network via Ethernet interface.

• All important colour scales included in one instrument
• Automatic cuvette identification
• High level of measurement reliability through a comprehensive set of test aids
• Simple integration into the laboratory network through Ethernet connection
• Easy to change cuvette adapter
Ref . 271- LMV187.99.20001

Colour Scales   :    Iodine
ASTM D 156 (Saybolt)
ASTM D 1500
Standard Illuminant :  C 2°
Memory  :  400 colour readings
Sipper (optional)   :  No
Spectral scan  :   No

Ref . 271- LMV187.99.40001

Colour Scales   :    Iodine
ASTM D 156 (Saybolt)
ASTM D 1500
CIE-Lab*, dLab*, dE*
European, US and Chinese Pharmacopoeia (EP, USP, CP)
ASTM D848 Acid Wash Test
ASTM D1925 Yellowness Index (ASTM D5386)
AOCS Cc13e, BS 684 Ly/Lr
Standard Illuminant :  A/C/D65
Memory  :  3000 colour readings; 100 colour references;
                        1000 photometric values; 20 wavelength scans; 20 time scans
Sipper (optional)   :  Yes
Spectral scan  :   Yes
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