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Process & Quality Control


Transportation > IATA 100% Compliant

  • PDF Indicator, single use
  • Multi-level-alarm (8 ranges) plus time and MKT as alarm criteria
  • Auto expiry date management
  • Automatic PDF report with embedded data
  • WHO pre-qualified PQS-Code: E006/027

Cold Chain Monitoring – applications without need for temperature graph or tabular data

Customer need:
  • No cable and software at destination

  • USB
  • Microchip with PDF capability
Measurement parameters      Temperature
Monitoring tasks                          Transport Cold Chain Monitoring : applications without need for
                                                                temperature graph or tabular data
Application range                        Cool [+2 °C..+8 °C]
                                                              RT / Ambient [+2 °C..+25 °C]
                                                              Warm [+37 °C..+70 °C]
Type of probe Internal            NTC probe
Measurement range               -20 °C..+70 °C
Resolution                                     0.1 °
Accuracy                                         ± 0.3 °C typ. [-10 °C..+25.0 °C]
Alarm                                               On display
Part no                                           102-800002
Connectivity                              USB
Number of channels                1
Case dimension                          96 x 37 x 11 mm  
Case weight                                38 g
ABS plastic material
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