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Corrosion Testing Apparatus, Model 608-1

Cyclic Tests - Varying Climatic - Conditions - Automotive Standards

The Corrosion Testing Apparatus, Model 608-1 consists of a control cabinet and one test chamber (optional order)

The control cabinet is equipped with SIEMENS Touch Screen for setting the test parameters and preset of the test sequenzes in accordance with VDA and VW specifications as well as in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6270-2 AHT (further test sequences upon request).
An additional channel is available for the individual programming of a cyclic corrosion test. The control and adjustment of the test cycles are realised using a SIEMENS S7-200 PLC.

ERICHSEN Corrosion Test Instrument for
varying climatic conditions, Model 608

Designed like the manually operated Model 606, the Corrosion Test Apparatus, Model 608, however, is equipped with a PLC (programme logic control) SIEMENS D7 200.
The test cycles as well as the test parameters are entered using the SIMATIC touch screen.
Cyclic corrosion tests executed e.g. in accordance with the specification of VDA, VW or SWAAT, can be started in a user-friendly manner.
There is the possibility available for the input of a customised test cycle. Upon request, special tests can be considered for the selection of the test cycles.
After placing the specimens and the condensation receptacles in the test chamber and programming the desired number of test cycles the test takes place fully automatically.

A circulation pump for mixing the salt solution in the storage tank is permanently installed in the lower part of the control unit.
The Models 608/400 l and 608/1000 l are available either in rotational symmetric or rectangular shape, whereas the version 608/2000 l can only be supplied as a rectangular apparatus.
Technical Data
Corrosion Test Instruments, Models 608          400 l                  1000 l                 2000 l
Capacity of the test chamber / test panels      approx. 100       approx. 180    approx. 400
(depending on the shape)
Specimen holders for weathering panels                  3                      3                       3
(18 panels / holder)
Floor load of the test chamber            up to approx. 300 kg (special versions on request)
Test temperature range                                 from ambient temperature up to +50 °C

Following connections have to be provided by the user::
Power supply (AC)                                230 V / 400 V, 50 Hz (other voltages on request)
Consumption                                    approx. 2000VA  approx. 3000VA  approx 4000VA
Compressed air connection / pressure                                    4 - 10 bar
Air consumption                                                                    6 Nm³ /h
Water connection / pressure                                                  2 - 8 bar
Different chambers are available :
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