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Floor Scales

Floor Scales

VFS Series Stainless Steel

Multifunctional Stainless Steel Floor Scale for Standard Washdown Industrial Applications

The OHAUS VF Series of floor and pit mount scales is a solid lineup of stainless steel scales that do not compromise on quality.
Powered by four stainless steel IP68 hermetically sealed load cells that will withstand years of daily usage in industrial environments, these scales offer a unique combination of affordability, versatility and quality.

Four IP68 electro-polished stainless steel load cells that are laser-weld hermetically sealed and OIML approved are standard on all models.

The combination of floor-pit mount design and bead blasted stainless steel fixed decks provide versatility for placement in an above or below ground installation.

OHAUS VF Series has a T51XW indicator that has software for parts counting, dynamic weighing, percent weighing, checkweighing, display hold and can meet traceability requirements.
Weighing, Parts Counting, Percent Weighing, Checkweighing, Dynamic/Animal Weighing, Display Hold

Backlit liquid crystal display (LCD), 3 color checkweighing LEDs

Power cord (included) or rechargeable battery (accessory sold separately)

Easy access communication port including RS232 (included) and 2nd RS232 or RS422/RS485 (accessories sold separately). GLP/GMP data output with real-time clock.

IP66 stainless steel indicator with hinged front cover, bead-blasted stainless steel platform, IP67 stainless steel junction box with top access, IP68 OIML R60 electro-polished stainless steel load cells, pit frames, ramps and foot plates (accessories sold separately)

150% overload protection
Standard Features Include:
• Four popular capacities: 300kg, 600kg, 1,500kg and 3,000kg, in 5 sizes: from 800 x 800 mm to 1,500 x 2,000 mm
• Painted mild steel or bead blasted stainless steel fixed deck models, with structural channel bracing that ensures a rigid and durable construction
• Combination floor-pit mount design provides versatility for portable or stationary placement, above or below ground installation
• Four IP68 electro-polished stainless steel load cells, laser-weld hermetically sealed (OIML) – standardized on all models
• Four load cell mounted, swivel-design, self-adjusting stainless steel feet with removable rubber caps
• Top access IP67 dust and water immersion protected stainless steel junction box with heavy duty 5m long cable
• Available 2nd stage verified scale models 1:3000e with OHAUS T51 Series indicators
• OHAUS indicators featuring backlit LCD displays with high-visibility 25mm high digits, 3-color checkweigh LED and configurable beeper, 7 weighing units (kg, g, lb, oz, lb:oz, t, custom), universal switching power supply, RS232 and external input with optional 2nd RS232, RS422/485, AC and CD relay kits
• Available pit frames, mounting plates, and ramps with bottom support channels that resist bending during heavy loads
Included Components and Features

Eye Bolts (2) and Mounting Dowels (4):
• Threaded eye bolts are included for ease of lifting and installation
• Eye bolts are made of galvanized mild steel
• Floor mounting dowels are made of mild steel or stainless steel

Load Cell Mounted Stainless Steel Feet (4):
• Pendulum design ensures even footing to the ground
• Includes removable rubber cap to minimize slippage
• Feet are height adjustable and can be locked into position to ensure consistent leveling

Junction Box:
• Easy access from the top of the platform
• Stainless steel (AISI304) IP67 dust and water immersion protection for the potentiometers and summing board housed in the enclosure
• Enclosure Size: 193L x 75W x 45H mm, Cable Length: 5m

Multi-Purpose Cleaner:
• Included with stainless steel models
• Multi-purpose rust protectant / cleaning oil safe for food industry
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