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Fineness of grind

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Grindometer acc. to Hegman Model 232

ISO 1524
EN 21 524
DIN 53 203
ASTM D 1210
The GRINDOMETER, Model 232, was developed to establish the fineness of grind of coating materials. The instrument is used to produce a liquid wedge-shaped specimen of the test substance. It can be easily ascertained by visual examination where the grain size is larger than the local dimensions of the wedge channel. A reading of the appropriate channel depth is taken at the boundary between the uneven and the smooth surface areas of the sample. This value determines the fineness of grind.
Design and function
The GRINDOMETER 232 consists of a block of hardened steel which has been specially treated to ensure dimensional stability. Two precisely defined, wedge-shaped channels are cut into the block. The depth of each channel can be read off on a μm scale engraved into one of the longitudinal sides (length 125 mm) of the block. The corresponding Hegman scale (HS) is shown on the opposite side. Special scales are also available on request.
The relationship between the most commonly used GRINDOMETER scales is evident from the nomogram.
The standard version of the GRINDOMETER 232 is suitable for measuring ranges 15 / 25 / 50 and 100 μm.
A straightedge scraper for applying the test material is included in the scope of delivery.
Reference Class:

The Model 232 is supplied with a Manufacturer’s Certificate M in accordance with DIN 55 350-18 that includes among others the following information:

  • Actual and setting comparison of groove depth, product identification, test equipments used with calibration status, date, name of inspector.
  • By means of a digital dial gauge the depth of the grooves is measured in each groove at 5 measuring points evenly spread over the groove. The deviation from the setting value should not exceed 2.5 μm.
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