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Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester
Ref. :  320-GT-C13B

Application of martindale abrasion tester:  
The martindale abrasion and pilling tester is used to  determine the abrasion and pilling resistance of all kinds of textile  structures.
Samples are rubbed against known abrade at low pressures and  in continuously changing directions and the amount of abrasion or  pilling is compared against standard parameters.
Standards of martindale abrasion tester:
Abrasion: GB/T 21196.2, GB/T 13775, ISO 12947, ASTM D4966, IWS TM 112, M﹠S P19, Next 18, SN 198529, TWC 112, JIS L1096
Pilling: GB/T 4802.2, ISO12945-2, ASTM D4970, IWS TM 196, M﹠S P17, Next TM26, SN 198525

Feature of martindale tester
1.Test Standard: Lissajous figure.
2.Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester Working positions: 4, 6, 8, 9 optional.
3.Counting Method: 1) count up. 2) count down.
4.The unique design allows removal of individual sample holders 5.for examination without lifting the top motion plate.
6.Standard sample holders with 9 and 12kpa weights included.
7.PLC, 7 inches color touch screen, Chinese and English operation interface.
8.Weights and key components are made up by 316 stainless steel 9.which is well-formed and durable in use.
9. To prevent distortion, the top motion plate was special made up by 316 aluminum alloy.

Mini-Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester 1602W

Mini-Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester 1602W

Instrument is supplied as standard with 2 working positions Order station kits, consumables and other accessories separately

Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester with TestWise Touch™, available with up to 9 stations and adaptable to test a wide range of applications including textiles, socks, leather, coated upholstery, carpets, wood and shirt collars.
We were involved in the development of the original Martindale with Dr Martindale and WIRA in the 1940s. We have since established our position as a leading supplier with over 60 years of testing and development.

With the 1602W model (specific to tests on wood, lacquered and painted surface), the support on which the sample is placed is a metal plate of dimensions 15 x 15 cm, allowing a better hold of the sample and not a round support 90 mm in diameter as on the basic models.
Additional information
The Martindale can test for abrasion resistance and fabric pilling of textiles, as well as a range of applications.

The Martindale performs a certain number of rubs per cycle and will perform each rub in a Lissajous pattern.
A rub is one revolution of the two outer drives of the Martindale, a cycle is the completion of all the translational abrasion movements tracing a Lissajous figure comprising 16 rubs and A

Lissajous is any one of an infinite variety of curves traced out by a point which undergoes two simple motions in perpendicular directions.
On a Martindale, the Lissajous is created by 16 rubs and has a total Length of 3.02m.

The Martindale has a rotational speed of 47 ± 2.5 rpm and an exposed area of specimen from 3.14cm² to 6.45cm² depending on the type of test being performed.

The Martindale can be supplied with a comprehensive range of accessories for different specimen types, including sock abrasion, a line contact plate and a leatherball plate.

The instrument can test both textiles and non-textiles such as socks, leather, carpets, coated upholstery and edges.
Technical Specification : Martindale - 2 Stations

Conditioned atmosphere recommended    Yes
Positioning                                                                     Bench standing
Space requirements :
Height              24.6cm
Width               45.0cm
Depth 7           4.5cm
Approximate net weight                                      45kg
Single phase Yes
Rating per phase (A) 0.5
Watts 60
  • 1 X  MINI-MARTINDALE 1602W   For Wood, HPL and similar Substrates 2 stations With certificate of calibration UKAS
         REF. 902-970
  • 2X  STATION KIT Including weight for 4N loading For Wood, HPL and Similar Substrates
        REF. 794-519

  • 2 X  Additional weight for 6N loading
         REF. 525-688
  • 1 X  Specimen Mounting Plate
         REF. 526-491
  • 1 x   3M Scotch-Brite Abradant Pieces  89mm diameter Type 7440 (Brown) for prEN 16094 (Method B)  per pack (10)
         REF. 789-671
  • 1 x  3M Scotch-Brite Abradant Pieces  89mm diameter Type 7447+ (Maroon) per pack (10)
          REF. 789-674
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