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UNICOATER 409 Film Applicator

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Film Applicator UNICOATER 409

Purpose and Application
The UNICOATER 409 is a budget-priced, motor-driven film applicator for defined and reproducible application of coating materials on very different plain substrates.
Irregularities and inaccuracies inevitable when applying films by hand, are avoided  using the UNICOATER 409.
This results in the following important advantages:
- an even and reproducible film thickness over the whole surface
- the possibility to produce very quickly a large number of identical samples.

Design and Function
The UNICOATER 409 consists of a compact basic unit equipped with a multfunctional applicator support for almost all normally used applicators and a glass plate which can be used as specimen support or directly as film substrate.
The specimens are fixed by a rigidly mounted clamp.
The fastening of the specimen support is effected by a quick stop bolt, optionally on two levels to equalize different thickness/heights of substrates/applicators.
The drawn down speed in the range of 5 to 99 mm/s can be set in increments of 1 mm/s with the help of a coding push button. The maximum application area is 33.5 cm (length) x 34.5 cm (width).
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